Dare to go bareboat

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Find the Bareboat Yacht Charter That Suits Your Needs

If you are the adventurous type and have the qualifications, you may enjoy trying a bareboat yacht charter. In this case you will be as independent as having your own boat, but without the hassles that come with owning one. A bareboat yacht charter is ideal if you value freedom and privacy, but in order to fully enjoy your adventure you must be sure that you have the necessary experience to deal with navigation, maneuvering and anchoring a yacht. If you feel sure about your yachting skills and are the independent type, you should try bareboat chartering. It is an experience that you will value forever.

If you are passionate about sailing, you may be also interested in running a race. Sailing races can be very “addictive” and once you participate in your first one, you will want to keep coming back. Running a race can be challenging and extremely rewarding. Coming up with a successful plan that considers the winds, currents, positions, course and racing rules is fascinating. Racing has a physical and mental component that is unlike to any other kind of sailing. There is no dull moment! And the downtime is equally rewarding: great locations, bonding and good fun!

Blue Cup

Vernicos Yachts established the Blue Cup race in 1990 and by now it attracts participants from all over the world. The Blue Cup takes place in the Argosaronic Gulf in Greece during the first week of November every year. Since 2011, Dream Yacht Charter manages the race. Join us if you like to mix competition and sportsmanship with good times and beautiful places!