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Argosaronic Gulf: The Riviera of the Athenians

Sail Greece: Cherish the moments

One of the most beautiful parts of Greece is just a stone’s throw away from Athens. The Argosaronic Gulf is home to beautiful islands scattered along the coast of Attica and the Peloponnese.

The scent of thyme and pine will greet you first as you approach Aegina, your first stop and closest to Athens. Take a stroll at the port town, visit the ancient temple of Aphaia and swim in one of the long sandy beaches.

Almost attached to the mainland is Poros, with lavish greenery and clear blue waters. The port town with the early 19th century houses is incredibly charming.

Hydra has a unique charm with its grand mansions and 18th-century captains’ homes, a testimony to its rich naval history. This small, rocky and arid island has a special allure that has mesmerised intellectuals and international jet setters alike.

Spetses has traditionally been a destination for high society. The elegant town and the picturesque beaches make up a hard to resist combination.

If you are in no pressure, cruise down the Peloponnese coast to the island of Kythira, Once a Venetian stronghold and later a pirates’ base.

Elegant, cosmopolitan, captivating


    An island rich in history and culture


    Charming simplicity and a laid back feeling


    A romantic getaway in real elegance


    A worthwhile escape from the buzz of Athens


    A crossroads of sailors since antiquity

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