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One day cruises! New experience with Vernicos Yachts


When the sun is shining, and the water beckons, there’s nothing quite like spending a day out on a boat. Especially in Greece with the myriad of islands at our doorstep. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time adventurer, day boat rentals offer an exciting way to spend the day chilling and exploring the coastal areas of Greece. Let’s dive into the world of day boat rentals, covering what Vernicos Yachts has to offer.

Why Choose Day Boat Rentals?

  1. Convenience: Day boat rentals allow you to enjoy a hassle-free day on the water without the commitment of owning a boat. No worries, no second-thoughts – just pure fun and enjoyment.
  2. Variety: From sleek motorboats to leisurely sailboats, day boat rentals come in various styles. You can choose the perfect vessel for your adventure.
  3. Exploration: Discover hidden coves, accessible only by boat, go swimming on pristine beaches away from the crowds, and visit picturesque, nearby islands.


Types of Day Boats

Speedboats and RIBs (Rigid inflatable boats)

Speed boats come in any variety of engine-powered boat that is designed to go fast. The boat may feature an inboard or outboard motor, and the shape of the hull and deck of the boat is often designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Similarly, a RIB boat is a rigid inflatable boat that has a solid hull and inflatable tubes. It is a lightweight, high-performance, and high-capacity watercraft that can handle flat and open water in total safety. The Ribs we provide for charter are fast, highly sophisticated vessels, approximately 10 meters in length, propelled by outboard engines, and come with a day-skipper.

Ideal for performance cruises, taking advantage of the extra speed to go further in one day, but also for getting fast from point A to point B. In favorable weather conditions you can cover great distances in one day on a RIB boat or a speedboat. For this reason they are also suitable for transfers, one-way trips, to get you, for example, from the airport to your hotel on a nearby Greek island.

Features: Pedigree construction, enclosed seating protected from the elements, advanced hull design to smoothen the ride.

Spend your day at sea


Sleek and voluminous vessels for those who need more space, comfort and seek style and with added amenities.

Ideal for leisurely cruises, sunbathing or just hanging out in a remote bay whilst being pampered by crew.

Features: Speed, agility, versatility and elegance.


Graceful vessels propelled primarily by wind power.

Ideal for sailing enthusiasts and those seeking a serene experience. Sailboats are not fast but a day out on the water sailing is so rewarding that it is definitely worth trying if you have no previous experience. Once you are out of the harbor with the sails are hoisted and the engine turned off, a whole new world of dynamic silence and freedom develops out of nowhere yet so close to the restricting civilization beyond the coastline. Nothing can be more rewarding. You can rent with or without a skipper.

Traditional Motor-sailers

These beautiful wooden boats with friendly casual crew can take on large groups of up to 49 people for any event. We can arrange for special occasions; it can be a party or a corporate meeting or a fitness session. Tell us what you need to accomplish in one day and we can plan together.