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Experience and expertise in yacht management services

Yacht Management

With decades experience in offering operational support to yacht owners, we can be your best partners in making sure that your investment is well taken care of. The range of our yacht management services cover safety, security, finances, accounting, crew management, logistics and general administration. Our experts are on top of the rapidly changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards and closely work with owners, captains and crews to ensure that all needs are covered.

Technical support / After-sales services

As the official dealers in Greece, we are authorized to offer technical support and after-sales services to all Benetau, CNB, Lagoon and Monte Carlo yachts. Our experienced team will take care of any need for maintenance and repairs and will consult with the yard in order to offer you the best available solution.

Concierge services

Acknowledging your need to be pampered during your vacation, our team is ready to offer any additional service you may need, ranging from airport transfers to sightseeing tours and aviation services. We can book you a limousine, a helicopter or even a private jet, should you need one. We can arrange for a car rental on an island or for a guide that will help you get acquainted with the local history and archaeological sites of the places you visit. As you plan your vacation, think what would please you and we will be happy to assist you in making it happen.

Marinas services

Vernicos Yachts has a long experience in marina design and management. As partners in managing the Athens marina, one of the most technologically advanced marinas in the North East Mediterranean, we are in an excellent position to offer high quality services in marina design and development, marina marketing, management and operations, waterside property development, urban waterfront regeneration, yachting and tourism development, dredging, land reclamation and harbor design, marine operations. Our experience also includes a partnership in the Samos marina and boatyard on the Greek island of Samos and a participation in the consortium Poseidon Grand Marina of Paphos that led the short list for the construction of the Paphos marina in Cyprus.