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The appeal of luxury sailing yachts

We often connect sailing and sailing yachts with a more adventurous and sportive lifestyle. We associate them with racing cups and hardcore fans of sailing. People will often narrate stories from the holidays of the youth on a bareboat sailing yacht. Most stories are wonderful but they always entail parts about how crammed it felt or how it lacked this extra comfort you long for in a vacation. These stories can be a turn off for people who may enjoy sailing but are less willing to sacrifice luxury during their holidays. Well, they no longer have to! Luxury sailing yachts with a crew aboard to take care of any whim are the answer to their prayers.

Charter luxury sailing yachts

Forget bareboat and skippered charters and get ready for holidays that combine the carefree spirit of sailing with the lavish world of yachting. Life aboard a sailing yacht can be wonderfully unstructured, which is what holidays are all about. We spend hours all year behind desks, in front of screens, with a telephone stuck in our ears, running after the movement of a clock. Sailing is the perfect get away from all this! Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom one feels when sailing. Especially if you don’t have to take on all the hassles that come with it. Of course, you will be welcome to give a hand if you feel like it, but the expert crew is there to take care of everything and you may get by without moving your little finger.



Being so close in nature without deadlines, without worries offers a fresh perspective of your life. Life aboard a luxury sailing yacht somehow makes the journey count more than reaching your destination. It’s not only the pampering. It’s this liberating feeling every time you dive off the boat. It is the incredible summer sunsets you enjoy every evening. It’s the child that wakes inside you when you are playing with the water toys that the crew puts at your disposal. It’s the anticipation of a gourmet meal prepared with local produce by the chef aboard.

Modern sailing yachts vie for the high standards of luxury and comfort with other yacht types and oftentimes come out as the winners. So get over the stereotypes and get ready for your ideal sailing holidays aboard a charter luxury sailing yacht!