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  • Unbelievable beauty, amazing tranquillity

Croatia Yacht Charter: Enjoy a Sailing Holiday in an Unspoilt Paradise

A coastline of more than 5,000 klm, most of which belonging to islands, cliffs and reefs, renowned for its beauty; hundreds of islands scattered on the azure waters of the Adriatic; a rich history marked by the influence of Romans, Byzantines and Venetians and the combination of modern facilities and sceneries of unspoilt beauty leaves little doubt: There’s really no better way to experience the best of Croatia than by sea.

The great weather, the beautiful historic cities, the stunning national parks, the freshest seafood and the friendly people will make it difficult for you to decide which route to select for your journey. The beautiful scenery will amaze you along the whole Croatian coast, however every region is very unique in terms of history, culture and nature. The only constants are beauty and tranquillity.

Dock at gorgeous little ports or harbour in beautiful little coves, swim in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the traditional life of the locals left untouched by the passage of time, visit the well preserved towns with their churches and bell-towers, palaces and piazzas. The Croatian Adriatic Sea has a little bit of everything for you to enjoy. Add the benefits of a sea without huge waves or strong currents and you have the best environment for a great vacation.

Cruising or sailing the short distances between the coast and the islands with their unique character will fulfil your wildest nautical dreams. You may drop anchor in a small island village or dock at a modern seaport – there is so much variety and you only have to decide whether you would choose a sailing yacht, a motor yacht or a catamaran from our range of crewed yacht charters. No matter what you decide, one thing is certain with a yacht charter in Croatia: Experiencing the Mediterranean in a newfound way.

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