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  • Greece: Explore a paradise for cruise lovers

Sailing Greece: The best way to discover a magical place

With the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea – more than 13,000 klm/8,000 miles – and the eleventh longest coastline in the world, with 6,000 islands of which 227 inhabited, Greece offers infinite opportunities to people who love sea traveling.

A paradise for sailing or cruising with its many archipelagos and winds, Greece keeps its promises to cater to all tastes and to offer magical moments in the sea.

The warm weather, especially from May to October, the magnificent scenery, the abundant ancient sites to discover, the villages with character and the welcoming people guarantee an experience you will never forget. Imagine yourself cruising on crystal clear blue waters past white little churches, harbouring in hidden coves, swimming in turquoise bays, docking in little harbours and enjoying the simplest and best Greek food prepared with local produce. A dream that can easily become true…

Whether you prefer to get to know this charming land with a sailing yacht, a catamaran or a motor yacht, it is entirely up to you. You have so many options among our crewed yacht charters and you only need to decide which region you want to discover first. You have so many choices and so much flexibility.

Short distances between the islands of both Greek archipelagos, the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, allow you to improvise and change direction as often as you wish, depending on what you are in for: A secluded cove or a fully organised marina, a barbeque on a virgin beach or non-stop fun in one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world, a visit to a significant monument, testament to the four millennia history of the country, or an exploration of a marine park – really the possibilities are endless…

There is no doubt that Greece is a paradise that will take years to thoroughly explore by sea. So, hesitate no more and make your dream to sail or cruise the Greek seas come true!

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