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Boats for sale in Greece (New & Used)

boats for sale in greece

If you love the sea and increasingly enjoy spending time on a boat, it will not take long before you find yourself wondering how it would feel to own one. Soon a particular sailing boat or a specific motor yacht starts to obsess your thoughts and dreams. Because the moment you begin thinking about purchasing your own boat, you know that sea has become your passion. And like every passion, it demands satisfaction! A paradise for cruising, Greece has quite a developed market for yachts. Since 1975, the Vernicos team assists people in fulfilling their dream of buying a boat – new or used. So, if you are looking for boats for sale in Greece, check out our following tips.




Purchasing a new boat in Greece

Is it better to buy a new boat? There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on your budget and your mentality. With a new boat, you get to select the latest designs, styles, features and gear. Everything works and if there is any problem, your warranty will cover fixing it. The moment you clear the last sea-trial phase, you are good to go. At this stage, maintenance is minimal and routine.

Keep in mind that buying a new yacht takes time. If you have made up your mind about it, start your research right after summer. In this way, you will have ample time to locate the exact or a very similar boat to take for a test cruise. More importantly, if your boat of choice is not in stock, there will be enough time for your boat to be built, shipped and delivered on time for the first, perfect, summer cruise!

Purchasing a used boat in Greece

You will not have these concerns if you decide to search for a used boat. You can go aboard the boat under consideration, take it out for a test and you know it is the real thing. If you decide to buy it, this is what you are getting and you are getting it now. Used boats also come at a better price vs. an equivalent new one. Oftentimes, there are real bargains out there that can warm your heart. Nevertheless, you also need to consider that you might need to replace things and make some alterations to accommodate your own needs and tastes.

Unless you are an expert in boats, do not make any commitment without securing the assistance of an experienced broker. They will examine the vessel and offer you an expert opinion. This is where the Vernicos Yachts brokerage team is coming into the scene. We will assist you in managing the whole procedure and making sure you make a good investment.



Factors to consider before you buy a boat

A yacht may have captured your imagination, but such investment still requires sound reason in making your calculations. Yes, you want to get the boat that you love. But it also needs to be one that you can readily afford, that will cover your needs and you call sell afterwards.

Focusing on affordability, you need to consider a series of costs: purchase cost, refitting cost (in case of a used boat), maintenance cost, insurance cost, operational cost, berthing cost. Owing a boat is a long term commitment with many demands.



What you also need to seriously and realistically consider, is the prospective use of the boat. Are you planning to take it out every weekend or focusing on a long summer vacation? Are you interested in spending long periods on it? Is it a family affair or you are planning to entertain friends on it? Answering these answers thoughtfully and honestly will reveal your real needs and will help you objectively assess your available options.

Buying a boat built by a reputable builder is definitely something to pursue. It warrants good design and expertise in building. Also, the quality of sales- and after-sales-service is expected to be of higher standards. For those reasons, it is imperative to have the support of a professional when entering the purchasing process.



Vernicos Yachts cooperates with internationally renowned shipyards and offers a broad variety of new boats for sale in Greece. With our comprehensive knowledge of the Greek brokerage market, we can also assist you in purchasing a second hand yacht.

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