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Vernicos Yachts was established in 1975. The company’s activities include sales of new and second hand yachts, bareboat yacht charters, crewed yacht charters and procurement of yacht related services. Learn more About Us.


  • The choice of route, handling of the yacht, ability to find the perfect port, cove and cave speak to your commitment to excellence and passengers’ comfort.

  • We are already planning to refer this trip to two groups of friends. And we want to experience another Greek Island trip with this fabulous, top of the line yacht.

  • Thank you for the perfect itinerary you planned for us on this beautiful catamaran and for spoiling us with your incomparable services.

  • I honestly don’t think I can find words to truly express what a wonderful, fantastic trip we had this week with this amazing catamaran.

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Discover Greece’s Beauty with Our Bareboat Yacht Bases

At Our Bareboat Yacht Bases in Greece, we offer unparalleled access to some of the most stunning sailing destinations in the world.


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