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Bareboat yacht charter in Greece

Until the end of the sixties, the only way to sail the world on your own terms was to own a boat. It was only in 1969, that someone had the brilliant idea to provide well-equipped sailing yachts for rent without a skipper or crew. Since then, the bareboat yacht charter industry has made possible the dreams of many amateur sailors all over the world. Bareboat charter in Greece is quite developed. So, you have the opportunity to experience the Greek islands or coastline rather as a true traveller than a simple tourist.



The benefits of bareboat charter in Greece

Bareboat chartering in Greece allows you to be your own captain with full control of your sailing vacation right from the beginning. You have the freedom to select the yacht you like, to set your own pace and choose the destinations you want to visit. In other words, you have complete independence and can spend your holidays the way you like, without adhering to anyone’s timelines. So, if you find a secret cove with superb waters and an unforgettable view in Skiathos, you are free to stay as long as you like.

Moreover, bareboat chartering is the ultimate expression of holidays with complete privacy. It’s you and your significant other or your family or your best friends – as if you were at home. Sure, you may lose some on the front of pampering that a professional crew would provide. On the other hand, you can do whatever you like without feeling ill at ease by the presence of strangers. Just imagine yourself skinny-dipping in the turquoise waters of a deserted bay in one of the Cyclades islands without any worries and you get the picture of total privacy.

Furthermore, bareboat chartering can be a very affordable and convenient way to experience sailing in Greece, especially if you share the expenses with a larger group of friends. If you have the qualifications, considering this easy and ultra convenient way of vacationing is an alternative worth exploring!

Most importantly, a bareboat yacht charter in Greece offers sailing enthusiasts a unique chance to fulfill their passion in one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. Greece can probably satisfy any sailing preference you may have – from easy sailing in the Ionian islands to quite challenging conditions in some parts of the Aegean.



The fun starts at home

If you dream of a sailing holiday in Greece and you are a qualified sailor, you should definitely try bareboat chartering. So go ahead, spread out your charts on the floor, grab a glass of wine and plan your holidays itinerary. Just imagine which fantasy of a Greek sailing holiday you would like to fulfill. That should be enough to guide you!

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