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Boat Charter in Croatia

boat charter in Croatia

The Croatian coastline has been known to the sailing community for years. As the years went by, increasingly more people became aware of the magnificent beauty of Croatia’s coastline and islands. As a result, there was a sharp increase in interest for a boat charter in Croatia. It did not take long for Croatia to become one of the top chartering destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

There are many exciting places to see when sailing along the coastline of Croatia. From the countless possibilities you have, there are five places that make the top of the list.



A beautiful seaside town, Split has a history of over 1700 years. Being the financial centre of central Dalmatia, Split is a modern vibrant city with a very distinctive character. It combines a modern and easy-going lifestyle with a rich history that is evident in the beautiful sites and architecture. Split, is a popular place to start your trip if you have booked a boat charter in Croatia. It offers a lot of advantages to sailing and cruising aficionados: an incredible marina and proximity to the best yacht destinations. Moreover, the international airport offers direct flights from many countries in Europe.




Just 30 kilometres from Split, the cosmopolitan island of Hvar awaits you. With a history longer than two millennia, Hvar was first colonised by Greeks. Through the ages, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Venetians left their footprint on the island. Hvar combines history with a cosmopolitan vibe. The island is a famous destination for yacht charters enthusiasts for two reasons. First of all, the beaches are exceptional. Second, it’s the centre of nightlife in Croatia. During the summer months, you’ll find the best DJ sets here and the famous Sonus festival which runs through August.



The island of Korcula is a place renowned for the myths, the history and its jaw-dropping beauty. Seriously, you only need to take a look at this place and you will be amazed. Korcula is another island in the Adriatic where Greeks settled and is considered the birthplace of Marco Polo. Korcula has been transformed into a go-to destination for a lot of yacht enthusiasts. The quiet coves, the crystal clear blue waters and the extraordinary wine have made Korcula a top charter destination in Croatia.




The small island of Mljet offers something a bit different. Forget about the overcrowded sites and prepare for a bit of serenity. In Mljet, you’ll find a quiet green paradise where you’ll lose yourself in its amazing scenery. Don’t forget to visit the cave of Ulysses where, according to the legend, Calypso kept him prisoner for seven years.




Is there anyone who doesn’t know or doesn’t want to go to Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik has become such a hot destination that the Croatian government has decided to regulate the number of people that daily visit the historic centre of the city. So, get ready for large crowds of tourists. But it’s totally worth it. It’s not only the medieval charm and the rich history of the city that makes Dubrovnik so popular. The lovely beaches in the greater area and the cosmopolitan ambience are additional attractions for a large number of charter yachts that inundate Croatian’s coastline every summer.

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