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Carian Coast: Superb historical sites set in magnificent scenery

Sailing holidays Turkey: Relax and enjoy

The Carian Coast of Turkey, on the southwestern side of the mainland, presents you with a dual challenge: explore the important archaeological sites while enjoying a landscape of incredible beauty. Caria is a land where many different people crossed paths and left their mark.

The shoreline with the countless deep inlets and long peninsulas form a landscape where land and sea constantly embrace each other. The Gulf of Gokova with its azure waters hides many pleasant surprises for people who love to combine culture and relaxation. Most itineraries start either from the south, in Gocek, or from the north side of the Carian coast, in lovely Bodrum.

Along the way, there are so many things to see and do. A visit to the ancient city of Knidos is a must. Kaunos, an ancient city near Dalyan will thrill you with the temple-like tombs cut into the cliffs. In Bodrum, site of the ancient Halicarnassos, visit the ruins of the mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

But don’t fret with so much culture! In between you will have time to enjoy life!

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Culture, beauty and leisure


    This important city in classical times is a must see


    A charming place with rich history


    Start here for a visit to ancient Keramos


    According to legend, Cleopatra and Anthony swam here and the sand was brought from Egypt


    Bananas and palm trees unexpectedly thrive here

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