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Central Dalmatia: Diversity, culture and beauty

Sail Croatia and relax

Central Dalmatia is the area and the archipelagos around Split, a city evolved from the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian to become the financial, cultural and administrative capital of the region. The beauty of the scenery in this part of Croatia is deemed to be the most beautiful in the Adriatic Sea.

The coast and the islands are home to some of the oldest settlements of the country, first established in the ancient years. The influence of the Turkish occupation is also quite dominant especially on the mainland. At a short distance from Split lies a handful of dreamy islands. The islands stretch parallel to the shore and the channels in between offer pleasant sailing in crystal clear waters.

The deep and safe bays and coves offer safe anchorage and unique spots for relaxation and leisure. If you have time let yourself wander around the islands to discover places that seem untouched by the oncoming of tourism.

Central Dalmatia with its diversity, rich history and culture offer an opportunity for a great vacation. Don’t miss it!

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