Sail the Ioanian Coast: In a relaxing and graceful mood

Ionian Coast: In a relaxing and graceful mood

Extending from Izmir down to the Bodrum peninsula, the Ionian Coast is home to a great civilisation. Colonised by the Greeks during the 11th century BC, this narrow strip of land gave birth to western philosophy, as we know it.

The climate here is very mild and pleasant and the scenery is very gentle and low-lying. You will find much less traffic in these waters compared to the Carian and the Lycian coasts. So if you are looking for some true relaxation, hesitate no more – this is the place for you. Tranquillity does not equal lack of excitement. On the contrary, the Ionian Coast has much to offer.

A major attraction is Ephesus, an ancient Greek city founded in the 10th century BC. Once you made your pilgrimage to Ephesus, you can start to unwind and revel on the opportunities for some leisure. Relaxation is a synonym for Gullek Gulf to the south of Kusadasi. Dense with small inlets and anchorages, it is still quite a paradise for sailors.

Come to the Ionian Coast for a touch of culture and lots of relaxation…

Lovely landscapes, easy times


    Come here for some cosmopolitan overdose


    A tribute to one of the most important archaeological sites in the world


    Picture perfect fishing village


    For a cosmopolitan touch of elegance


    Peaceful and lovely

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