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Istria & Kvarner: A land of two faces

Sailing holidays Croatia: Relax and explore

Istria, the largest peninsula of Croatia, will thrill you with the dramatic change of scenery between its western and eastern coasts. The western coast is adorned by old cities, a testament to centuries long communication with the Italian ports on the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea. The beaches on this coast are marvellous and the numerous small islands along the coast hide many pleasant surprises.

The eastern coast is covered by lush vegetation but is less densely inhabited. If you are into navigating in rarely visited waters, this is definitely the place for you. Past Rijeka, as the coast turns southeast, the scenery changes completely. Rocky coves and solitary beaches are slowly revealed, creating an impression of a lace along the coast.

The islands of Kvarner Gulf are paradise to sea lovers. Cruising in Kvarnerić (little Kvarner in Croatian), the waters between Krk, Cres, Rab and Pag, provides unexpected changes. The northern coasts of the islands are quite barren, while the southern coasts are verdant and populated.

This part of Croatia offers you a unique opportunity to combine the best of two worlds – wilderness and mellowness all in one place!

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The best of two worlds


    A place of vivid life and culture

  • KRK

    A place of rich history and medieval monuments

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