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Lycian Coast: Culture with a touch of exotic

Sailing Turkey: Explore and relax

The Lycian Coast, also called the Turquoise Coast, runs from Gocek to Antalya in the southern part of Turkey’s mainland. Below the soaring Taurus Mountains, you will have the chance to explore the land of Lycians. Although they crossed paths with the Persians, Greeks and Romans, Lycians preserved their identity for centuries. A true expression of this mysterious identity is the rock-cut tombs and sarcophagi scattered around, a testament to their peculiar funerary architecture.

The coastline shows off an impressive array of mountains, cliffs and ravines – rather wild and majestic scenery. Although on the west the landscapes are still quite mellow with pine forests reaching down the shore, as you move to the east nature becomes more rugged and the sea waters more translucent.

In essence, the Lycian Coast still offers you a taste of old Turkey. The little fishing villages still largely untouched by tourist development, the small bays only accessible by boat and the friendliness of the locals create a magical backdrop for a relaxed vacation with a hint of exotic.

Consider the Lycian Coast if you are in an exploration mood. “Sailing Turkey” will take here a whole new meaning…

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Amazing scenery, rich history


    The gorgeous lagoon and the sandy beach will leave you speechless


    Crystal clear waters and unbelievable sand

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    A cosmopolitan stop with a traditional feel

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