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Skippered Yacht Charters

Are you pondering over your next maritime adventure but caught between the allure of a bareboat sailboat and the ease of skippered yacht charters? Fear not! The choice hinges on your needs, experience, and what you envision for your nautical journey. With a skippered charter, you still participate in running the boat albeit under the watchful eye and guidance of a professional. Unlock the luxury of surrendering navigational responsibilities and reveling in the experience of expert seamanship, whilst you sit back and soak in the azure vistas. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice to a mariner’s life, a skippered yacht offers a tailored experience that combines a degree of involvement and relaxation with the thrill of the open sea. Let’s hoist the sails and find out everything you need to know to craft your unforgettable sea vacations!

Skippered yacht charters: All you need to know

skippered yacht charters


What is a skippered yacht charter?

A skippered yacht charter is the golden mean between bareboat sailing and a fully crewed yacht offering a balance of autonomy coupled with the expertise of a captain. With only a skipper on board to, undertake the responsibility of running the boat with your assistance, this type of holiday is perfect for groups who might possess some knowledge of the seas, have some degree of seamanship but are not confident enough to venture out on their own and seek the assurance that only a proficient skipper can provide.

The captain shoulders the responsibility of navigating the yacht safely, ensuring the vessel’s well-being and safety while moored, and expertly tailoring the journey to align with the group’s desires and competence. It’s the ideal choice for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to sailing, that do not require the extensive service provided by a larger crew and are navigating within a more modest budget. Embrace the sweet spot of a sailing holiday with a skippered charter and chart a course toward a voyage that’s as unrestricted as the ocean breeze.

Who are the skippers?

Skippers are the mariners, the custodians of your sea-going sanctuary. They are more than just navigators; they are knowledgeable confidants, the discreet guardians of your nautical narrative.

Each skipper comes with a trove of seafaring expertise, accrued over countless voyages and through the whispers of the waves themselves. Their hands are as steady on the helm as they are skilled in the art of hospitality, their eyes as keen for safe passage as they are for your contentment.

With anecdotes of distant shores and the wisdom of the sea etched into their very being, skippers turn every expedition into an anthology of living seascapes, ensuring safety and serenity are the twin stars guiding your journey.

Skippered Yacht Charters vs Bareboat Charters


The decision between a skippered charter and a bareboat charter hinges on three key factors: your experience, your need for privacy, and undertaking responsibility.

1. Experience

Choosing a skippered yacht charter is optimal for those with less sailing experience as the presence of a professional skipper ensures expert navigation and safety. On the other hand, bareboat charters cater to the more adventurous spirits with sailing expertise, who favor the liberty to captain their voyage.
With a skilled skipper at the helm, whilst still being involved in sailing the boat under the guidance of your skipper, you are liberated from the tasks of navigating and boat handling, allowing for a stress-free experience. For those with a thirst for knowledge and an active interest in sailing, the opportunity to learn from a professional an added bonus!

2. Privacy

Privacy is another crucial aspect; on a bareboat charter your are completely on your own with friends and family. Whereas on a a skippered charter you need to share your space with a ‘stranger’. The limited confines of a bareboat sailboat offers a challenge to co-existing with a skipper, a person you have not met before. Interestingly though statistics show that this is highly achievable as the sea and life on board has magical ways of bringing people together.

Additionally, skippers are consummate professionals who understand the importance of discretion and are adept at maintaining a low profile, ensuring that your personal space is respected at all times.

3. Responsibility

Taking on the mantle of responsibility during a bareboat charter is not merely about handling the vessel — it encompasses all elements of trip planning, from crafting the itinerary to knowing the local laws and customs of each port of call.

You should be well-versed in weather patterns, possess adept crisis-management skills for any unexpected situations, and have a solid understanding of navigational charts. While this might sound daunting, it also offers a sense of achievement and autonomy unparalleled by any other type of vacation.

On the flip side, with a skippered charter, your responsibilities are drastically reduced, allowing you the freedom to revel in the adventure without the stress of constant vigilance. The professional skipper not only navigates the yacht but also manages onboard operations, compliance with maritime laws, and contingency plans, leaving you to create cherished memories undisturbed by the weight of command.

Find out what type of charter fits your needs

Having broken down the decision into three critical areas — experience, privacy, and responsibility — it’s time to dive deeper and examine the specifics that characterize each charter type. This closer look will aid you in selecting which sailing experience aligns perfectly with your wishes, enabling a bespoke nautical adventure like no other. Let us navigate through the waters of chartering, accentuating the unique attributes and offerings of both skippered and bareboat options.

Are you the Bareboat Type?

How much does a Charter Yacht Cost?

Bareboat charters bring an air of adventure to your holiday, making it ideal for experienced sailors who are seeking a more active part in the journey. This type of charter allows you and your group of friends and family to truly tailor your sailing experience, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

It’s a hands-on holiday where you’re responsible for the yacht, relying on your sailing skills and expertise. As sailors at the helm, every decision, from setting the course to choosing the right anchoring spot is yours to make. Without a professional skipper onboard, a bareboat charter is a testament to your self-sufficiency on the open seas and invites a sense of camaraderie among your friends and family as you band together to sail the vessel. It’s a chance to forge unforgettable bonds and memories with your nearest and dearest, sharing both the work and the wonders of the sea.

Are you the Skippered Type?

A skippered sailing holiday is a stress-free, leisurely and enjoyable escape on the high seas. Choosing to hire a skipper means you can spend more time indulging in sheer relaxation or exciting activities. Although you are still required to assist and participate, to a degree, in running the boat, it is nothing compared to handling the intricacies of sailing the yacht all on your own.

With a friendly skipper at the helm, your sailing experience becomes effortless, allowing the thrill of maritime adventure without concern. The skipper’s knowledge and expertise ensure that you are in good hands, and this reassurance adds a layer of calm to your holidays.

The skipper’s presence transforms your voyage into an informative tour as well, as skippers are usually eager to share local knowledge with you and tell you what they know about each dazzling destination. With a skipper, you will discover the best restaurants, hidden coves, and secluded beaches that are off the beaten track.

No matter which type of charter you ultimately choose, both skippered yacht charter and bareboat charter offer unique benefits that cater to different preferences.

Consider your priorities and desires when planning your next sailing holiday, and if you have any concerns, reach out to us and our team at Vernicos Yachts will explain everything to you!

Choose your destination in Greece

Choosing your sailing destination is just as crucial as the yacht itself to ensure your sailing holiday is tailored to your taste.

The Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea, on the eastern side of mainland Greece, offers a breathtaking backdrop with its crystal-clear waters, making it a prime sailing area for those seeking a mix of historical exploration and modern luxury. The myriad of islands, secluded bays, and vibrant local culture allow for a rich experience, where each day holds a new discovery on your own itinerary. Are you interested in chartering a yacht in the Aegean Sea, reach out to us!

The Cyclades

Specifically, the Cyclades islands, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, renowned for their quintessential Greek beauty, offer an idyllic setting for skippered charters. The combination of dazzling white architecture, cobalt skies, and golden sunsets provide an incredible vista from the deck of your yacht. Exploring these islands allows for a flexible sailing holiday, with itineraries that can be as laid-back or as spirited as you desire, and if you so choose, guided by the expertise of a professional skipper.

The Ionian Sea

In contrast, the Ionian Sea, on the western side of mainland Greece, is celebrated for its lush, green islands and more temperate climate, ideal for a relaxed sailing vacation. These waters are perfect for family holidays or group trips where the emphasis is on enjoyment and ease. Professional skippers can effortlessly guide you to tranquil spots off the beaten path, providing a bespoke adventure immersed in serene beauty and unique charm.

What are the next steps for your sailing holidays?

Embracing a skippered yacht charter for your next sailing holiday is a decision that promises ease, elegance and adventure in equal measure. Our carefully curated skippered charter packages are designed to cater to every nuance of your maritime dream.

Discover the delight of the seas aboard our remarkable sailboats, where each moment is crafted to enhance your sailing adventure.

We invite you to seize the helm of adventure with us and navigate toward the perfect sailing holiday. Contact us today to embark on an unforgettable voyage tailored just for you. Start planning your journey with the leaders of ocean escapades!