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LAGOON Sailing Catamarans – Everything You Need to Know: History, Models & More

The Story of the LAGOON Catamaran

The Lagoon catamaran’s journey began in 1984 in France as a direct branch out of Jeanneau Technologies Avancées (JTA). This subsidiary of the renowned yacht builder Jeanneau was focused on producing racing boats and high-tech prototypes. The Lagoon brand initially gained recognition for building an innovative range of offshore racing catamarans. However, it was in 1988 when Lagoon made a name for itself with the broader public by launching its first cruising catamaran. The venture was incredibly successful and marked a significant milestone in the company’s history.

From then onwards, Lagoon Catamarans focused on improving their design and introducing breakthrough technologies. A crucial turning point was in 1996 when Lagoon became part of the Beneteau Group, the world’s leading sailing boat manufacturer. This collaboration led to a sharp increase in production capacity and allowed Lagoon to cement its position as a global leader in the production of cruising catamarans. Today, Lagoon Sailing Catamarans are renowned for  their wide range of elegant, innovative, and seaworthy boats that cater to private owners and charter fleets worldwide.

Lagoon Catamaran Shipyards: Iconic And State-Of-The-Art Catamaran Building Facilities

Popular Lagoon Catamaran Models

  1. Lagoon 380: This is the smallest in the range but offers ample space and comfort for a family. Despite its compact size, the Lagoon 380 has four cabins, two bathrooms and a fully equipped galley, making it an ideal choice for cruising short distances.
  2. Lagoon 42: The Lagoon 42 is a mid-range model, designed to bridge the gap between comfort and performance. It features innovative design elements, such as a self-tacking jib and a lowered mast, to improve sailing performance and ease of handling.
  3. Lagoon 450F: This model offers a perfect balance of performance and comfort. It comes with spacious interiors, a panoramic saloon, and an innovative flybridge – making it a favourite among long-distance cruisers.
  4. Lagoon 51: The Lagoon 51 is a versatile model, offering luxurious comfort and an impressive sailing performance. Its spacious layout and innovative design features make it an excellent choice for family cruising or charter service.
  5. Lagoon 55: The Lagoon 55 is the largest model in the range and offers an unbeatable combination of elegance, comfort and performance. It has a large master suite, three cabins with ensuite bathrooms, a fully equipped galley and plenty of space for entertaining guests.
  6. Lagoon 620: This top-of-the-range model offers the ultimate in luxury cruising. It boasts a spacious layout, high-quality fixtures and fittings, and exceptional attention to detail. The Lagoon 620 is the epitome of style and comfort, providing an unparalleled sailing experience.
  7. Lagoon Sixty 5: The Lagoon Sixty 5 is the most recent addition to the fleet. This luxurious catamaran has been designed with performance and comfort in mind, boasting a spacious deck layout, climate-controlled cabins and a large flybridge offering unparalleled views.
  8. Lagoon Seventy 7: This is the flagship of the series and a masterpiece of design and innovation. A truly remarkable yacht, the Lagoon Seventy 7 offers a high level of comfort, with generous living spaces, fashionable fittings, and unparalleled elegance. This model is perfect for those who demand the very best in offshore cruising.

Lagoon Catamarans have several distinct advantages that make them highly sought after by sailing enthusiasts worldwide:

  1. Innovative Design: Lagoon Catamarans are known for their innovative designs, which enhance both performance and comfort. They expertly balance the needs of seaworthiness and user-friendly operation.
  2. Spacious Comfort: One of the key standout features of a Lagoon Catamaran is its spaciousness. The catamarans offer ample space in the cabins, saloon, and cockpit areas, effectively creating a ‘home away from home’ feeling.
  3. Stability: Thanks to their dual hull construction, Lagoon Catamarans offer excellent stability, making them perfect for family cruising or charter services. The stable design reduces heeling and the risk of seasickness and provides a more enjoyable cruising experience.
  4. Performance: Even with their focus on comfort, Lagoon Catamarans do not compromise on performance. Their efficient hull shape and innovative design elements ensure quick and agile handling under a variety of weather conditions.
  5. Elegant Interiors: Lagoon Catamarans are synonymous with elegance. High-quality fixtures and fittings, meticulous attention to detail, and a stylish aesthetic define every model’s interiors.
  6. Versatility: The wide range of Lagoon’s models ensures there is a perfect catamaran for every need, whether it be short-distance family cruising, long-distance offshore sailing or luxury yacht charter services.

Each of these advantages contributes to the unique charm of Lagoon Catamarans, making them a preferred choice for those who value comfort, style, and performance on the open seas.

When comparing Lagoon Catamarans to Bali Catamarans, several key differences distinguish these two renowned manufacturers:

  1. Design Philosophy: Lagoon Catamarans are known for their classic design that balances comfort, performance, and user-friendliness. Bali, on the other hand, is recognized for its revolutionary designs that push the boundaries of conventional catamaran layouts, often focusing on maximizing living space.
  2. Interior Space and Comfort: While both Lagoon and Bali catamarans offer spacious interiors, Bali catamarans often feature an open space concept that merges the cockpit and saloon into one, creating a sense of expansive living space.
  3. Performance: Lagoon Catamarans have a reputation for their reliable sailing performance in various weather conditions. Bali Catamarans, while not compromising on performance, may put more emphasis on indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  4. Price Point: Lagoon Catamarans, particularly the higher-end models, can be more expensive than their Bali counterparts. However, the price reflects the elegant interiors and meticulous attention to detail that Lagoon is known for.
  5. Brand Heritage: Lagoon has a longer history and is part of the Beneteau Group, the world’s leading sailing boat manufacturer, which might appeal to those who value brand heritage and established reputation.

Remember, the best catamaran for you will align with your sailing preferences, lifestyle requirements, and budget.

Lagoon Catamarans: Maintenance fees and Brokerage

Maintenance Fees

Maintaining a Lagoon Catamaran involves various costs that an owner should budget for. Firstly, there are routine maintenance costs, which include annual haul-out, bottom cleaning, and anti-fouling painting, typically ranging between 1,500€ to 3,000€ per year. Engine servicing should be performed annually or every 100 hours of operation, costing around 200€ to 400€ per engine. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider sail replacement, which is usually required every 5 to 7 years, priced at approximately 5,000€ to 10,000€, depending on the sail size and material.

Unexpected costs may arise from damage due to adverse weather conditions or accidents. These could include repair or replacement of the hull, mast, rigging, or electronics, which could amount to several thousand Euros. It is also important to factor in the cost of insurance, which can be between 0.5% to 1% of the boat’s value per year.

Lastly, ancillary costs such as marina fees, fuel costs, and costs for updating navigation equipment (usually every 3 to 5 years), also contribute to the overall expenditure. When purchasing a Lagoon Catamaran, one must account for these potential costs to ensure your boat maintains standards and provides a smooth sailing experience.

Investment opportunity

Purchasing a Lagoon Catamaran not only provides an unparalleled ownership experience but also opens up a potential investing opportunity.

Owners can list their catamaran with a reputable central agent and present their yacht for charter to the international market. This service allows owners to earn an income from their catamaran when they’re not using it. Chartering  an elegant yacht like a Lagoon Catamaran is a popular choice for holidaymakers and sailing enthusiasts from all parts of the world, enabling owners to capitalize on the high demand for this type of vessel.

Furthermore, when the time comes to move on, a professional Yacht Broker can assist in the sale of your catamaran. Sales Brokers have an in-depth understanding of the market and a vast network  of fellow-Brokers worldwide, as well as a clientele of potential buyers, making it easier to find a suitable buyer and negotiate the best price for your vessel, when you are ready to part with it. Most importantly, they handle all the administrative work, including listing the yacht, arranging viewings, managing negotiations and overseeing the legal transfer of ownership, making the selling process seamless and hassle-free.

By exploring these opportunities, a Lagoon Catamaran owner can maximize his or her investment, whether that be through charter income or a successful sale, or both. It is, however, essential to carefully choose a reliable and experienced Yacht Broker to ensure an efficient and profitable service.

Catamarans vs. Sailing Yachts : Which is the Best for You?

When it comes to choosing between a catamaran and a monohull, a number of factors come into play. Each vessel has its own unique set of advantages and potential drawbacks, and the best choice will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Stability: Catamarans, with their dual-hull design, heel less than monohulls. They are less likely to rock in choppy waters, making for a smoother sailing experience. This can be especially beneficial for those prone to seasickness or for families with young children.
  2. Space: Catamarans offer more space than their monohull counterparts. The design includes wide decks and larger cabins, which can provide a more comfortable and spacious living environment. This is a considerable advantage for long-term cruising or living aboard.
  3. Speed: In terms of speed, catamarans tend to have the upper hand. Their dual-hull design creates less drag, allowing for faster speeds. However, monohulls can sometimes outperform catamarans in certain wind conditions.
  4. Maneuverability: Monohulls generally have better maneuverability in tight spots and are typically easier to handle for single-handed sailing.
  5. Draft: Catamarans also have a shallower draft than monohulls, allowing them to navigate in shallow waters and anchor closer to the shore.
  6. Cost: In terms of cost, catamarans are generally more expensive, monohulls both in purchase price and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, if you prioritize stability, space, speed, and the ability to navigate shallow waters, a catamaran could be the ideal choice for you. Conversely, if maneuverability, handling, and cost are more important factors, a monohull may be a better fit.

Remember, it’s essential to consider your specific sailing needs, your budget and your  lifestyle requirements when choosing between these two very different types of vessels.

Final Thoughts About Investing in a Catamaran

Before buying a catamaran, consider the following:

  1. Intended Use: Consider if the catamaran is for personal use, charter service, or long-distance sailing as this will influence the model and specifications needed.
  2. Budget: Catamarans can vary significantly in price, so it’s essential to establish what you are willing to spend.
  3. New or Used: Consider whether you prefer a brand-new catamaran with the latest features or a used one that may offer better value for money.
  4. Maintenance and Operating Costs: Owning a catamaran includes ongoing costs such as maintenance, marina fees, and insurance.
  5. Sailing Performance vs. Comfort: Decide on your preference between sailing performance and onboard comfort. Some catamarans are more performance-oriented, while others focus on providing a more comfortable living space.

In conclusion, investing in a catamaran can be a rewarding experience, offering not just the thrill of sailing, but also a unique lifestyle, and an opportunity to generate income through charter services. With a myriad of options available, understanding your specific needs and preferences is crucial in finding the perfect catamaran for you. Once all factors are considered, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. The open seas await your adventurous spirit and your dream of owning a catamaran can become a reality!