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Lavrion Yacht Charter

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Lavrion is a town in southeast Attica. It is part of the Athens metropolitan area. Lavrion was famous in Classical antiquity for its silver mines, which was one of the chief sources of revenue of the Athenian state. The metallic silver was mainly used for coinage. The Archaeological Museum of Lavrion shows much of the story of these mines.

The Port of Lavrion presents a convenient departure point for an unforgettable sailing vacation. Lavrion serves as the gateway to an array of enchanting Greek islands of the western Cyclades, including the nearby islands of Kea, Kythnos, Sifnos, and Serifos. Book your yacht charter out of Lavrion for a bespoke voyage wrapped in elegance and comfort.

Our Lavrion Yacht Base

lavrion base

With our Lavrion Yacht Base, we offer you unparalleled access to some of the most breathtaking sailing destinations across the Aegean.

Among our seven strategically positioned yacht bases throughout Greece, the Port of Lavrion stands out as a gem for sailors – both seasoned and novices alike. Here, you can begin your adventure into the mesmerizing beauty of the Greek islands aboard our top-of-the-line bareboat yachts.

Each yacht is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure you can explore these enchanting islands at your own pace. Lavrion’s prime location makes it an ideal starting point for your sailing adventure. Whether it’s heading off to the serene beaches of Kea or navigating toward the rugged landscapes of Kythnos, our Lavrion base promises an unforgettable journey.

Read more about our Lavrion base here.

Getting to Lavrion

Reaching Lavrion is surprisingly straightforward, whether you’re arriving from abroad or from another part of Greece.

From the main airport of the region, Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos), which serves as a major hub for flights from across the globe, you can easily reach Lavrion without having to go through the congestion of Athens city. Upon landing, you have two options to to get to Lavrion.

Public Transportation

Public transport offers a cost-effective route. Buses run regularly from the airport to Lavrion, providing a convenient way to reach the marina while immersing yourself a bit in local life. The trip typically takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions.


For those preferring a more direct and comfortable method, taxis are readily available at the airport. A taxi ride to Lavrion is faster, though more costly compared to public transport.

No matter your choice of transport, the journey to Lavrion is an opportunity to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the Attica region, setting the perfect tone for your upcoming sailing experience.

Contact us today to discover more about our Lavrion yacht base and commence the sailing adventure of your dreams.

Sample 7-Day Itinerary from Lavrion Port

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Set sail on a captivating 7-day trip aboard a yacht charter from Lavrion, designed to offer you a seamless blend of navigation and leisure. This meticulously planned itinerary promises a week of profound exploration of some of the Aegean’s best beaches, and vibrant island nightlife.

Day 1: Lavrion port to Kea

Begin your sailing vacation by setting the course from Lavrion port to the enchanting island of Kea, a hidden gem of the Cyclades islands. After a scenic sail, dock at the quaint port of Korissia. Spend your day exploring the island’s natural landscapes and historical sites, including the ancient city of Karthea. Don’t miss a visit to Otzias Beach, with its serene setting and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a refreshing swim. In the evening, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and savor local dishes at a seaside tavern.

Day 2: Kea to Serifos

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After enjoying the beautiful island of Kea, set your sails towards Serifos, an island with dramatic landscapes and a rich mining history. Moor in Livadi bay on the south east corner of the island of Serifos the doorstep to the island’s capital, the Chora, perched atop a hill with stunning views of the Aegean. Spend the day exploring its narrow cobblestone streets, squares, and the remains of the Venetian castle. For beach lovers, a visit to the secluded Ganema Beach is a must, offering a tranquil spot perfect for relaxation and a dip in the clear blue waters.

Day 3: Serifos to Milos

The next leg of your journey takes you to the volcanic island of Milos, famous for its unique moon-like terrain and the Venus de Milo statue that was found here and is now at the Louvre Museum. Anchor in the natural bay of Adamantas, or Adamas, one of the safest natural harbors in the Aegean. Milos is a paradise for geology enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Spend your day visiting the extraordinary Sarakiniko Beach, known for its lunar landscape and turquoise waters. In the evening, enjoy local seafood dishes in one of the traditional tavernas along the waterfront.

Day 4: Milos to Polyaigos

Just a short sail from Milos lies Polyaigos, an uninhabited island boasting some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. This well kept secret offers pristine beaches and spectacular snorkeling spots. Anchor in one of the secluded bays, such as Kato Mersini, and spend the day swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the peace and tranquility of this untouched paradise.

Day 5: Polyaigos to Sifnos

On the fifth day, navigate your charter yacht to the island of Sifnos, famous for its culinary tradition and stunning beaches. Head to Vathi Beach, a long stretch of golden sand fringed by crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and relaxation. Sifnos combines natural beauty with exquisite Cycladic architecture, making it a joy to explore. Visit some of the local potteries, as the island is famous for its ceramic art. Enjoy a gourmet dinner at one of Sifnos’s renowned restaurants, indulging in traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist.

Day 6: Sifnos to Kythnos

Set sail early towards Kythnos, renowned for its thermal springs and charming villages. Anchor in the stunning bay of Kolona, a unique beach that forms a narrow strip of sand between two bays – like having two beaches in one. Spend your day sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise waters. Explore the picturesque village of Messaria, the Chora of Kythnos in the afternoon, wandering through its maze of narrow streets and white-washed houses.

Day 7: Kythnos to Lavrion

On the final day, begin your return voyage to Lavrion, taking with you the memories of the sun-drenched beaches, the mesmerizing landscapes, and the tastes of the Aegean. This last stretch offers a moment to reflect on your adventure through the Cyclades Islands, as well as to enjoy the open sea one last time. Upon arrival at Lavrion port, conclude your unforgettable yacht charter with a farewell dinner in one of the local restaurants, raising your glass to the incredible journey and the new friends made along the way.

Each destination in this itinerary has been carefully selected to offer a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, ensuring an unforgettable sailing holiday starting and ending in Lavrion that caters to all interests and tastes.

Our Charter Fleet in Lavrion

At Vernicos Yachts, we understand that variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect yacht for your sailing adventure. This understanding is reflected in our diverse fleet stationed at the Port of Lavrion. Comprising a wide range of sailing yachts, our fleet is designed to meet every possible need and preference. Explore your options here.

From sleek, high-performance models for those seeking speed and agility on the water, to spacious and elegantly appointed yachts for travelers prioritizing comfort and indulgence, our selection caters to every type of sailor. We also offer a variety of sizes, ensuring that solo voyagers, couples, families, and large groups can all find a yacht that perfectly fits their requirements.

Contact us to find the ideal yacht that will elevate your next sailing adventure from a simple trip to a truly memorable experience.

When is the best time to book a yacht charter from Lavrion?

Determining the prime time to initiate a yacht charter from Lavrion largely depends on one’s preferences for experiencing the Aegean’s splendor. While the high season, spanning from late June to early September, promises sun-drenched days and lively cultural scenes, the shoulder months of May, June, September, and October offer milder weather and fewer crowds, providing a more tranquil and intimate experience of the Aegean’s treasures.

Weather insights

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The climate in Lavrion, the gateway to the Cyclades, is predominantly Mediterranean, meaning summer voyages are graced with long, sunlit days and minimal rainfall, paving the way for uninterrupted sailing. Spring and autumn bring milder temperatures and occasional breezes, ideal for those preferring a cooler, more comfortable experience. These seasons also provide excellent sailing conditions, with steadier winds facilitating a smoother navigation towards the islands’ hidden wonders.


During spring, the weather gradually warms up, with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 23°C. The meltemi winds begin to make their presence felt, particularly towards the end of the season, providing excellent conditions for sailing enthusiasts seeking a bit of excitement on their voyage.


The summer months experience the peak season in Lavrion, with temperatures often climbing above 30°C. The meltemi winds are at their strongest during this period, offering challenging yet rewarding conditions for experienced sailors. These northerly winds not only cool the scorching summer heat but also add an element of thrill to your sailing holiday. It’s important to be prepared and respect these conditions for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.


Autumn sees a decrease in both the heat and the strength of the meltemi winds, creating ideal conditions for those looking for a more relaxed sailing experience. Temperatures range comfortably between 19°C and 25°C. The sea remains warm from the summer heat, perfect for swimming and water activities as you explore the coastlines and islands near Lavrion.


Winter in Lavrion is the quietest time for sailing, with cooler temperatures (ranging from 10°C to 15°C) and less predictable weather. The meltemi winds are largely absent, but storms can occur. This season may appeal to those who prefer the serenity of the sea and the possibility of experiencing local life without the bustle of tourists.

Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime from Lavrion – contact us today to chart your course!

Choosing a charter out of Lavrion with Vernicos Yachts offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the breathtaking beauty of Greece. Our base manager, conveniently located in Lavrion, is always at hand to ensure your sailing adventure starts smoothly and meets all your expectations. Whether you’re planning to sail under the golden sun of summer or enjoy the tranquil seas of autumn, the Vernicos Yachts team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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