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Holidays aboard a luxury catamaran

There are few holidays that remain in our hearts forever. For many people such a holiday is spent aboard a yacht; either a sailing or a motor yacht, either a charter or their own. Enjoying the sea at such close proximity is unique and offers joys that everyone should once in a lifetime experience. No matter one’s preferences or individualities or sensibilities, there is a yacht out there that is a perfect match!

Does your dream entail an uncompromised sense of freedom and you yearn to really feel the power of the wind? This is the real luxury in sailing – this unparalleled sense that you become one with the wind and the sea. And if you are really into luxury, you have yet to try a catamaran, or a cat, as fans affectionately call this double-hull yacht that changed the sailing experience forever. Because when it comes to luxuries a luxury catamaran is unbeatable!

Luxury of space

The luxury of space is probably the most undeniable advantage that will arise in any conversation about catamarans. There is approximately 60% more space compared to a mono-hull boat – both living and stowage space. More space to stretch out and get a suntan, more space to entertain friends and family, more space to enjoy a little bit of privacy, a need so often underrated aboard a yacht.

Luxury of comfort

The luxury of comfort in catamarans is also indisputable as there is virtually no heeling. What a relief to leave things in one place and find them there when you return! For many people this feature is the top advantage on their list for a luxury catamaran!

Luxury of flexibility

The luxury of floating almost anywhere thanks to their comparative shallow draft will allow you to experience places that would otherwise be inaccessible, especially around islands with shallow waters. With a shallow draft you will be able to access harbours more protected from the wind and avoid places overcrowded with other boats. Enjoy a dip in crystal clear turquoise waters all by yourself!

Luxury of safety

The luxury of safety as everything on a catamaran comes in two – two engines, two fuel tanks, two water systems. If one breaks down, the other one will solve the problem until you fix it. When in sea, this is a huge advantage!

There is more!

Combining these luxuries with the luxury of service provided by a top rated crew that is destined to make your stay on a luxury catamaran unforgettable and dream of the perfect Mediterranean yacht charter. Now you get the perfect picture for a holiday aboard a catamaran that will stay in your heart forever! Check out which catamaran charter better suits your needs.