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Sifnos makes headline news

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The May 2016 issue of the world-renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller (UK edition) presents a 12-page article on Sifnos, with special emphasis on the culinary character of the island.



Get a taste of Sifnos

Titled “The most delicious Greek island of all”, the article beautifully describes the island and the life on it and accurately depicts its distinctive atmosphere, while presenting the special culinary pleasures it offers. The title also appears on the cover of the magazine. Later Condé Nast Traveller made the article available also on its website.

Rachel Howard, writer of the article and famous food editor, and David Loftus, award-winning photographer responsible for the wonderful photos of the article, were invited to come to Sifnos last summer by the Verina Hotels Group. Apparently the Condé Nast Traveller team was quite taken with Sifnos, which had as a result such an extensive feature, when the plan initially provided for a much smaller article.

The special feature provides plenty of information about Sifniot dishes and places to go to eat on the island. Rachel has really done a great job in putting together a text that includes not only the obvious but also little local secrets that no guide will tell you. But her text goes beyond this level of information – with her words she also describes the soul of this unique Cycladic island that is much less known than Mykonos or Santorini; a soul that is very attractive and welcoming…

Why Sifnos?

Sifnos is a typical Cycladic island with beautiful white washed buildings and, the legend has it, as many churches as the days of the year. Sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, safe anchorage and great food makes it an ideal destination to include in your itinerary. If you wish to discover the real Cyclades, pay a visit to this beautiful island. Guarded by steep cliffs, broken only by a few deep-cut bays, Sifnos is an island that will capture your heart. Ancient paths well way marked will take you to far-flung monasteries and will reveal incredible vistas to other islands floating in the distance in the Aegean Sea. Everything is bathed in this incredible, clear sunlight that makes this place of the world so unique.