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Yacht sales challenges

So, you decided that you love the sea so much that you are going to buy a new yacht. Cool! You have chartered a yacht in the past and sailed the Mediterranean sea. You experienced the complete relaxation, the luxurious comfort, the endless possibilities and now you desire your very own yacht. Yacht sales can be challenging. The more you know, the better!


Before buying the yacht of your dreams, there are some key factors to consider. Purchasing a yacht is an investment and with so many options, types and brands, finding the ideal one for you can be a tricky task.


Yacht sales. Which type?

Motor yachts offer space and are fast. They are a great option if you prefer to take relaxing holidays with your family or friends and you put luxury and comfort first. Is spoiling yourself and your guests a high priority? Then motor yachts will suit you better.
If you consider yourself the adventurous type, then sailing yachts is something that may change your life. Sailing yachts have a more natural feel in the water and can be raced competitively. You may feel a little bit more cramped compared to a motor yacht but again it depends on the size of the yacht.


If you want to combine the best of the two worlds, go for a catamaran! An ideal solution for people who love comfort but also enjoy sailing. If you have a family with little kids, this is an option that you should seriously consider.

What are your needs?

After the decision regarding the type of yacht, comes the assessment of your needs. Have you figured out the average number of passengers that you’ll need your yacht to accommodate? Except for the holidays, do you plan to use the yacht for frequent travelling? Are you planning to charter your yacht when you don’t use it yourself? Do you plan to hire a crew and if so how many people are they going to be? Does luxury mean more to you than performance or is it the opposite? These are all things that need serious consideration since you make an investment that should offer you the right return.

What about the purchasing process?

In view of the size of the investment, you will need to make sure that you tread these waters well prepared. Yacht sales involve great opportunities but also risks. Being well informed is instrumental in making the right moves. The first step is to choose the shipyards that you will consider and further research. Going for a renowned shipyard guarantees great design, good quality of construction and exceptional service. Already, you have less to worry about. Once you decide on the brands, head to their official representatives in your market. They will provide all the information and support you in every step of the way.



If you are looking into yacht sales in the Greek market, the Vernicos Yachts team will be happy to guide you through the collections of some of the best yacht builders in the world: new yachts from Beneteau and Lagoon. Our team will remain at your disposal after you buy a yacht as we also offer the service of yacht management in Greece. Ready to buy a yacht?