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Culture aboard a Private Yacht

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If you thought that the charms of the Aegean Sea are the turquoise waters, the fabulous beaches, the picturesque islands and the rich history, think twice! Every summer some of the islands become destinations for music lovers from all over the world. Local festivals attract artists of high calibre that arrive to the Greek islands to perform, interact, teach, overcome borders and build bridges. Hence, as you plan your itinerary for your dreamy cruise aboard a chartered private yacht, why not include in your schedule a very special evening? Experiencing music in an ancient theatre or a medieval castle is truly unbelievable…
Here are some of the most acclaimed festivals to consider. Who knows? They may be the reason to discover an island that will capture your heart not only for its natural beauty but also for its strong cultural identity…


International Festival of the Aegean


Founded in 2005, the International Festival of the Aegean takes place every year in July on the island of Syros, an island of the Cyclades with long cultural heritage. The Festival events are hosted in various venues, including the Apollo theatre (also known as La Piccola Scala) in the capital town of Ermoupolis, one of the most beautiful theatres in Greece.


Tinos World Music Festival


The objective was to make Tinos island in the Cyclades a meeting point for significant musicians from the Balkans and the East Mediterranean. Therefore, the Cultural Foundation of Tinos established the Tinos World Music Festival in 2013. The Festival lasts three days and is organised during the long weekend of the Pentecost. Pay Tinos a visit; the island will pleasantly surprise you with its beauty and unique character.


Jazz in Paros


If you are a jazz fan, head to Paros island to attend a weeklong jazz festival that takes place every July. It started in 2011 and attracts an ever growing number of artists and amateurs that wish to enjoy music and a splendid vacation in beautiful Paros. The vision of the organisers is to put Paros on the global jazz map and offer to Paros lovers one more excuse to visit. You will be amazed how jazz suits the personality of this Cycladic island.

Samos Young Artists Festival


Every August, young and famous established musicians from all over the world are invited to the island of Samos on the eastern edge of the Aegean in order to give concerts of classical music, jazz and folklore music. The concerts are held in the ancient theatre of Samos in picturesque Pythogorion. During the Festival, the artists have the opportunity to exchange experiences, while the audience follows an exciting musical journey around the world. Check out the lavishly verdant Samos; it’s a well kept secret of the Aegean!


Molyvos International Music Festival


Moving to the northeastern part of the Aegean, you will find yourself in Lesvos, Greece’s third largest island and one of the most interesting to visit. Every August, this impressive island hosts the Molyvos International Music Festival that brings together rising stars and big names for a four-day celebration of classical music. The organisers’ aim is to turn the Festival into one of Europe’s most attractive chamber music events. You will never forget the experience of listening to classical music in the idyllic environment of Molyvos.

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