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Bareboat Charter in Athens

bareboat charter in athens

Yachting is a very interesting hobby and a wonderful way of travelling that offers sailing fans many possibilities and alternatives. You can buy a yacht or rent one, travel with a crew or bareboat, explore nearby destinations or discover far away places; you are the one who decides on every detail and charts your way as you wish. Especially when you travel bareboat, you enjoy the ultimate level of freedom. Bareboat charter in Athens isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when you are planning a trip in Greece. Yet, Athens is a leading yachting hub and, therefore, a great starting point for your trip, as it offers many possibilities and amenities that will help you a lot.




Greece has always been a leading sailing destination, thanks to its countless islands, the lacy coastline and the mild climate. All these, added to the long tradition in maritime, have resulted in high-quality infrastructure in every aspect related to yachting. In Athens, you will find almost anything you may need; fully-equipped and up-to-date marinas, numerous refueling points, government and private organizations that will take care of the paperwork and, of course, a wide variety of modern yachts for rental. Regardless if you are an amateur or a professional, choosing Athens as your starting point will facilitate many aspects of your journey and, ultimately, will relieve you from the unnecessary stress.

Professional Services

Many major charter companies, like Vernicos Yachts, are located in Athens and their team will be happy to help you during the chartering process. Bareboat charter in Athens is not that hard, but everything will be a lot easier if experts guide you through each step. Especially if you are chartering a yacht for the first time, we highly recommend asking for help. Plus, think about asking for their advice regarding the yacht you are going to choose. Each type has different characteristics that make it suitable for certain circumstances. For example, catamarans are great for windy conditions thanks to their stability. Many factors affect which is the best yacht for your needs, thus professionals are the right people to consult.



Nearby Destinations

When we talk about yachting hubs, available destinations are a really important part of the conversation. Without a question, cities that aim to become famous starting points for sailing fans must provide them with everything they need, like the infrastructure, the services, etc. Though, if there are no interesting destinations nearby, no sailing hub can become attractive. Is there any sailor that doesn’t care about exploring new places? Athens offers many alternatives; the Argosaronic Islands, the Peloponnese coast, Evia and Cyclades are the closest to the city. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can prefer easy sailing or challenging conditions and chart your way towards famous islands, calm coastline cities or both.

Though Athens isn’t well-known as a sailing destination, it can be a wonderful starting point for your journeys. Top services, good infrastructure and beautiful destinations are guaranteed! Are you still thinking about trying a bareboat charter in Athens?