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Sailing a Catamaran Charter

catamaran charter

You love sailing and your ideal vacation is spent sailing in beautiful destinations. For many years when it came to considering charter options, things were straightforward. You would look at sailing boats. Then you would make a decision on the basis of size, amenities, etc. However, over the last 20 years this status quo is gradually and rapidly changing. Catamaran charter’s popularity is rising among people enjoying sailing. Therefore, if you are planning your next sailing holidays, here is some information you should carefully consider.


What is a catamaran?

Traditional sailboats are monohulls, whereas a catamaran is built on two hulls. The space between the two hulls is covered by a cockpit, a living space or main cabin. Oftentimes a net between the two hulls provides extra space for relaxing under the sun. This set up allows for 360o views of the surroundings from inside the sheltered living space. In other words, a real luxury for sailing fans used to having living spaces confined downstairs.

Catamaran charter’s benefits

Catamarans offer two things that are essential for enjoying a holiday: size and stability. The space between the two hulls allows for more room above and below the decks. So, that means that more people can enjoy the cruise carrying more stuff with them. Additionally, one can enjoy unusual for a boat privacy, as the two hulls are separate from each other. The two hulls also ensure stability. They basically prevent the boat from heeling like a monhull and keep it level. For sure that makes sailing a lot more relaxed.

As with all crewed yacht charters, one should add to the benefits the high quality service received on board. Excellent food, water sports equipment, extra services at request like massage, yoga and pilates classes make holidays special. Comfort and luxury; not surprisingly a catamaran charter is becoming a top selection among holiday makers.


A different sailing experience

Everything else aside, you love sailing and it is important to know what to expect. As catamarans don’t heel, the sailing experience is a bit different. In general, catamarans will offer you easy sailing, excellent performance and lots of comfort. Aboard crewed catamaran charters that’s probably the only thing you should care about. A qualified crew will make sure you will enjoy the best sailing holidays ever!