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Catamaran Hire in Greece

If you are a sailor enthusiast, you definitely already have an opinion about catamarans. Cats, as the sailors call them, are a sailboat type, which many people prefer for their sailing adventures. Catamarans have many advantages related either to their technical systems and their operation or some functional assets that make sailing a real fun experience. They are suitable for many seas, but exceptionally so for the Greek seas. Sailing in the Greek islands aboard a catamaran is a whole new experience. So, if you are looking for a catamaran hire in Greece, you are in the right place.


Safety and Stability


Safety is the number one concern when sailing, but there is no need to be worried; catamarans are very safe yachts and you will face no problem during your trip. Also, they are very stable. Τheir two hulls prevent the yacht from heeling and keep it steady even when the sea is rough. That is why catamarans are suitable for rough seas where winds are quite usual. For the same reason, a catamaran hire in Greece is a great choice, especially if you chart your way in the Cyclades, with the famous “Meltemia”, the northern winds that create special sailing conditions. Aboard a catamaran, you won’t have to worry, therefore you will enjoy a more relaxed trip.




Comfort is what most people miss when travelling aboard a sailing yacht; in catamarans, comfort is the key asset. The space between the two hulls provides enough room for everyone, while on the deck you can relax under the sun. Big, spacious rooms and an overall cozyness is what you will experience during your vacations. Unlike other sailboats, catamarans are suitable for a larger number of visitors. Invite all of your friends and bring as much luggage as you wish; still there will be enough space. Plus,thanks to their stability, your things will stay in place, right where you left them.



There is nothing more irritating than the lack of privacy. No matter how much you love your friends, it is certain that you will need some time with yourself. Especially if you visit Greece for the first time, you will definitely want to sit by yourself and just enjoy the view. Furthermore, at night, quiet and privacy are crucial. Catamarans offer you this possibility; the two hulls are separate and independent and there is no doubt that you will find a quiet corner to rest away from others.




Last but not least, catamarans offer flexibility, which is very important during your vacation, because it allows you to adapt to special circumstances. Catamarans are easy to navigate, even in the most crowded places. They are suitable for sailing in shallow waters, such as waters around islands or near beaches. This gives you the opportunity to reach beaches, caves and harbours inaccessible for other sailboats and to avoid crowded places. During summer, many popular Greek destinations are overcrowded with yachts. So, it is a great advantage to be able to approach unspoiled places and enjoy nature on your own. Moreover, you can explore the numerous Greek islands, islets and complexes, unknown to most, that are of unique beauty.

There are many more advantages of sailing with a catamaran, that you will understand only if you spend some time aboard one. We are sure that, if you are searching where to sail this summer, you will consider a catamaran hire in Greece. We assure you that it is a great experience and it will offer you the chance to explore the Greek islands and coastline in the best possible way!