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Dodecanese: A bridge between Europe and the East

Sail the Dodecanese and relax

Dodecanese (as witnessed by its name – “dodeka” is twelve in Greek) is a complex of twelve islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea of unparalleled beauty and history. On every island you see the influence of so many and different peoples and culture: Ionians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and Italians. The result is a very unique character for each island; when coupled with the stunningly beautiful nature and the endless beaches, the attraction is irresistible.

Rhodes and Kos are the most famous ones welcoming thousands of guests every year that come to enjoy the sandy beaches, the wild nightlife and the well preserved old towns with the essence of knights history still in the air. But there is so much more to explore in this blessed part of the world, one of the most beautiful in Greece. Walking on the volcano crater in Nisyros, admiring the architecture in Symi, discovering the rugged beauty of Karpathos, enjoying the view from the windmills of Astypalaia, making a pilgrimage to the holy island of Patmos or rock climbing in Kalymnos are experiences that will enrich your vacation to a point you would never imagine!


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Islands of unique character


    Cosmopolitan and medieval, with an Old Town declared a Unesco World Heritage Centre

  • SYMI

    The neoclassical houses with their colours are architectural masterpieces


    The Jerusalem of the Aegean with the St. John the Theologian’s monastery invites you for a pilgrimage


    Crystal clear waters present scuba-diving lovers with perfect conditions


    A virgin gem with turquoise waters waiting to be explored

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