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Lagoon 55 Catamaran

Have you ever thought about investing in yachting? If not, that’s a big oversight on your side. Luxury yachts and, generally, the yachting sector offer great opportunities for investment that combine business and pleasure making any investor very satisfied. The new Lagoon 55 catamaran is one of them; a masterpiece that aspires to become your new home. Totally in sync with the natural environment, this iconic vessel is a unique opportunity to invest your money. Shall we learn more about yachting investments and the new Lagoon 55?



Invest in yachting

Yachting is widely known for offering enjoyment and happiness to its fans. Nevertheless, only a few know that it is one of the best sectors for investments, as it provides numerous benefits that reduce the risk and make the investment extremely attractive. Plus, it is one of the fastest growing fields for investment globally. Unlike other industries, investing your money in a yacht purchase is less risky and more profitable, because a yacht’s value remains high for many years after its purchase, as long as it is well-maintained. Moreover, as soon as you buy a sailing boat or a catamaran, chartering it to clients is always an option; in that way, you will be able to gain a remarkable profit in a short period of time. Besides business, owning a sailboat offers you pleasure; travelling aboard a yacht is a must-live experience. You will have the chance to explore new places and create unforgettable memories whenever and however you like.

Invest in Greece

Greece is renowned for its great sailing heritage. Our country is one of the top yachting destinations globally and millions of people visit it every year. It is well-known for offering exceptional business opportunities as well as extraordinary leisure experiences. Thanks to its climate, beautiful islands and unspoiled coastline, many sailors choose Greece as their holiday destination all year long. Don’t all these sound to you like the best arguments for a yachting investment?



Invest in Lagoon 55

Lagoon 55 isn’t just another catamaran; it is a luxury vessel designed to provide you with freedom, innovation, seaworthiness and comfort. With attention to detail and many innovations, this catamaran combines a wonderful appearance and high-functionality; you can enjoy a gentle lifestyle aboard and leave all the concerns of everyday life ashore. The floating terrace – cockpit and the huge overhead windows give travellers the sense of flying above the sea and allow them to enjoy the warm sunlight. Of course, the yacht is equipped with all the amenities you may need to relax, recharge your batteries and spend carefree time with your friends and family. What else could someone ask for?



Lagoon 55 is the ideal investment with its unique benefits both in terms of pleasure and business. If you are looking to make an investment, this new catamaran is the perfect choice for you. Vernicos Yachts experts are here to answer all your questions, guide you through the process and help you manage all the aspects of your investment. Lagoon 55 will be ready for sale in 2023. You, are you ready for Lagoon 55? Contact us today!