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Lagoon 55 Charter

Enjoy Moments Suspended in Time

Are you looking for freedom and carefree moments? We have the best solution to escape from the constraints of everyday life; charter Lagoon 55 and enjoy unforgettable moments suspended in time! Most of us cannot afford to own a yacht, because of many reasons. Yet, we can rent one, bareboat or crewed, and chart our way to anywhere we want. The new masterpiece of Lagoon catamarans is ready to welcome you and offer you unique travelling experiences. It’s the perfect choice for yacht chartering, as it combines everything you may need while you enjoy a gentle lifestyle aboard. And if you aren’t sure about this, keep reading and all your doubts will go away!


Let’s be honest; when we talk about travelling aboard a yacht, the first thing that comes into our mind is luxury. And not without a reason; yachts are made to help you pamper yourself and live the moment in the best possible way. Especially the brand new Lagoon catamaran that will sail the Greek seas in the next summer is ready to offer its passengers with exemplary moments. Lagoon 55 is the ultimate luxury vessel designed to make you fall in love with sailing. Everything has been carefully thought through; the innovative yet totally functional design, the comfortable interior, the floating terrace – cockpit and the huge overhead windows. However, luxury doesn’t end here; lagoon 55 charter includes a well-trained crew, ready to take care of everything. During your trip, the crew will navigate, sail, prepare your meals and advise you for the destination you have chosen. In other words, you won’t have to worry about anything except having a wonderful time!

Explore the new Lagoon 55

  • LAGOON 55

    16.56 m
    9.00 m
    2X115 HP


As we mentioned above, Lagoon 55 was designed to become your new home. Therefore, comfort is one of the most important privileges you will enjoy. Besides, comfort is a key asset of all catamarans, so how could this masterpiece be an exception? The interior volumes are huge, while there are many relaxation areas both inside and outside. Thanks to the vast overhead windows and the countless sources of natural light, the sunlight flows gently in every room and helps you relax. Plus, in the bedrooms you will find large beds, numerous storage areas, a desk area and a separate bathroom. If you wish to travel for many days, Lagoon 55 charter is the best choice for you, as you won’t have to sacrifice all the comforts of your home.

Value for money

Let’s discuss this. We know that sailing can be expensive, though most people mistakenly think that it’s more expensive than it actually is. Lagoon 55 charter is affordable and is absolutely value for money; you don’t need to worry about your accommodation, transportation and amenities. You will travel with the most luxurious and up-to-date catamaran and will enjoy full service from an experienced crew; this experience is worth every penny. Think about your travelling experiences so far and decide, is it worth the investment?

If you want to live the Lagoon 55 experience but you cannot afford to buy a yacht, then chartering is the best solution for you. In this way you will relish all the advantages of travelling on board this magnificent catamaran without the responsibilities and the expenses that accompany its ownership. Don’t overthink it; charter the new Lagoon 55 and get ready to create unique memories! Contact us today!