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Life aboard a Lagoon catamaran

The story of Lagoon catamarans goes back to 1984 and changed the world of multihull vessels forever. The philosophy of the brand is good design, high quality construction and better than average performance. In other words, the dream of every fan of sailing. Working with the most successful naval architects in the world led to innovative designs that secured safety and excellent performance. From the very beginning, Lagoon paid a lot of attention to the customers’ feedback. Therefore, progressively every new Lagoon catamaran provided more space-efficient layouts and greater comfort, making every cruise more enjoyable for the lucky ones aboard a Lagoon catamaran. This is the best you can get from sailing catamarans.

What are the advantages of a Lagoon catamaran?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that many Lagoon fans live a large part of their lives in their cat, as they affectionately call it. Talking to proud owners or people who experienced sailing with a Lagoon catamaran can be very revealing.
“You can live aboard very comforably for 2 weeks, or forever…”

“The stability (no more heeling), the speed , the quality of life aboard whether at sea or at anchor, the safety, the reduced draft and the ease of manoeuvring”.

“Sailing flat, especially in heavy weather. It feels so much safer”.

“Performance, unequalled comfort and a reduced draft that means you can anchor in extraordinary places”.

And then there are some other “softer” advantages…
“The light inside the boat and airflow make daily living pleasant”.

“The cockpit is large and well suited for entertaining”.

“The steps aft leading to the water for swimming make me feel as if I’m living in a brochure”.

Everyone can enjoy life aboard a Lagoon catamaran, not only the lucky proud owners. All it takes is to charter one and get all the benefits. Expect spending time aboard an elegant and extremely comfortable yacht. An experience that you will cherish forever in your life!

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