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Luxury yacht charter in Greece

One of the most coveted yachting destinations in Greece is the Sporades islands. Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos will capture your heart with their lush landscapes and some of the best beaches in Greece. If you decide that this is where your luxury yacht charter in Greece will take you, then you may want to consider an unexpected twist if you have some extra time. We encourage you to set course to the north to visit the Halkidiki peninsula. It is not far away and until now it remains a well-kept secret in the world of yachting.



The Halkidiki peninsula lies right next to Salonica, the second largest city in Greece. The three “legs” of the peninsula and the oblong bays in between are home to some of the most beautiful beaches and crystalline waters you will ever come across. No wonder Halkidiki is the popular holiday destination among people of Northern Greece. And not only them! Thanks to magnificent resorts that are built on these incredible beaches, this lesser known corner of Greece is starting to attract nature lovers from all over the world.


Pine forests and vineyards that reach the endless expanses of sand of beaches with the most translucent waters will persuade you all over again that Greece will never cease to amaze you. Kassandra and Sithonia, the two first “legs” of the peninsula will charm you not only with their scenery but also with the picturesque villages like Afytos. Another attraction is the impressive resorts that will nicely complement your luxury yacht holidays. In fact, many of them have their own private marinas where the yacht can moor while you enjoy world-class cuisine or indulge yourself in some of the best spas in the world.

Mount Athos

The most important attraction of Halkidiki is the third “leg” of the peninsula, Mount Athos. The Orthodox Christian world calls it the Holy Mountain because it hosts a religious community of 20 monasteries, cells in caves or rocks and more than 2,000 monks. Some of the monasteries were founded there more than a thousand years ago. Mount Athos is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments. The men on the cruise are allowed to visit some of the monasteries and it is certainly a worthwhile experience. If you are a woman or a man who dislikes early rising and chanting, then stay on the yacht and cruise around the “leg” of Mount Athos. You will have the unique opportunity to admire from afar the majestic monasteries.

If this is not your first luxury yacht charter in Greece, then dare to be unfaithful to the fashionable more popular islands and spend your holidays in the Sporades and Halkidiki. Rent a boat with your friends and discover a combination that will make this summer unique in so many ways!