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Selecting a Superyacht Charter

superyacht charter in greece

Spending holidays on a superyacht charter is a unique life experience. Many people think that it compares to vacationing in a 5-star resort, but is so much more! We strongly believe it is the ultimate luxury you can offer to your guests and yourself. Therefore, choosing the superyacht charter that best matches your taste and needs requires the assistance of an expert that will guide you through the whole process. Nevertheless, it is important to have sorted a few things before you reach out to an expert, like the Vernicos team, to get things going.




Be ready to set a realistic budget. Keep in mind that your budget should include not only rental cost but other costs too. Consider fueling, berthing, operational costs, as well as the transport cost to reach the place where you will board the superyacht. When you have a figure in your mind, the selection process will be much speedier.


Also be flexible and open minded. For example, you may be able to get more for your budget if you are ready to consider an older boat and not the latest, sleeker option. Of course, it all comes back to what your criteria are. Would you rather enjoy a more spacious yacht or the one that has the best amenities available?




Surely, the number of guests is crucial in picking the right superyacht. Nevertheless, four cabins in a 24 m long yacht can be quite different that four cabins in a 40 m long yacht. So, it is crucial to decide on the number of cabins you require and then be ready to request more detailed information for the size of cabins. Again, be ready to be flexible. Maybe you prefer to settle for slightly smaller cabins, in order to get more amenities or larger living spaces.

Superyacht charter lifestyle

What experience are you after? A sailing superyacht offers a different kind of excitement compared to a motor superyacht. A sailing superyacht will make you feel adventurous while enjoying the amenities of a luxury yacht. A motor superyacht will offer you privacy, fast traveling and head-turning entrances to any marina in the Mediterranean.

Additionally, think of the amenities you will require. Water sports, wellbeing services, culinary expectations have a great impact in shaping the experience you will have. So, think what will take to enhance a pleasurable stay on board


Expectations from the crew

On a superyacht charter, the crew is even more crucial in making this experience what you have dreamt of. Do not hesitate to lay down your expectations and request information on the people that will provide you all the services you desire.


The Vernicos team of experts will be glad to assist you in choosing your ideal superyacht from our range of luxury crewed yacht charters.

Enjoy the best vacation ever!