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The luxury yacht charter experience

Are you ready for the ultimate vacation experience? Then, it’s time to enjoy your first luxury yacht charter! This vacation is so unique and personalized, allowing you to indulge in lavishness, style and comfort while experiencing some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Whatever the circumstances for your vacation – a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a glamorous adventure with your friends – a luxury yacht offers you the best there is.



Premium service

Aboard a luxury yacht charter, you will enjoy top quality service and pampering that goes beyond the services rendered by a luxury resort. It is only natural, since the whole crew will attend only to your wishes. Just relax and bask in the sheer joy of a service experience customised to your tastes and preferences.



Endless exploration

Chartering a luxury yacht offers you a rare sense of freedom. Because you can choose your itinerary and then change it on a whim. Or, you can decide whether you wish to visit a place bustling with life or unwind in a secluded beach where you will be on your own. Take the tender to get ashore and explore the culture and history of timeless destinations. Discover what each island and coastline has to reveal to you in great style and on your own terms.

So many yachts

Luxury comes in many shapes and forms. If comfort and speed are your priorities, then you should start your search for the perfect choice with motor yachts. If you are ready to become a bit adventurous, then you may want to consider a sailing yacht. You may feelmore confined in comparison to a motor yacht, but you become one with the sea. An excellent option is catamarans – combine the comfortable spaces of a motor yacht with the experience of a sailing boat.


Impeccable cuisine

Skillfully prepared food is probably one the best indulgences aboard a yacht. Do not hesitate to express what you like and your liking will be catered to. Enjoying a sumptuousdinner in unforgettable settings that change every day is a fascinating experience.



Everlasting fun

When you are aboard a luxury yacht, the sea becomes your own personal playground. Snorkelling, diving, water sports and water games are activities you will enjoy at a moment’s notice. Most luxury yacht charters are equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia that will keep you and your guests pleasantly busy! You only need to ask your crew to make it happen.



Affordable luxury

Don’t let the word luxury fret you! There are many options out there and definitely a luxury yacht to suit your needs and means. You will be amazed… For example, to those in the know, September is superb for yacht chartering. Lower rates, the weather is mild but not hot, the ports are not so crowded and the islands are still full of life!


A dream holiday!

So, go ahead and dare to dream such a holiday! Full of moments that are expertly designed for your sole pleasure. Allow yourself to relax and indulge in the ultimate vacation aboard a luxury yacht charter.

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