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Sailing holidays in Greece

sailing holidays greece

Greece with its thousands islands is a sailor’s paradise and a beloved destination for sailing fans. The number of choices is rather unlimited. The hidden gems scattered all over the Aegean Sea are there for you to discover; well-known and less known islands are considered top destinations for sailing holidays in Greece. Let’s explore some of the options you may include when planning your sailing holidays in the Aegean and the Cyclades islands!
Explore world-famous islands!


Undoubtedly approaching Santorini by sea is one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have. The island together with the smaller islands of Thirasia and Aspro are part of a volcanic crater submerged in the sea. The islet of Kameni, in the middle, competes the formation you will encounter as you approach Santorini. Naturally, the steep caldera cliffs, with height ranging from 200 m to 400 m, will capture your eye with the whitewashed houses and churches sprinkled on top. A sight you will never forget.

You may dock in the marina of Vlichada, at the south tip of the island. You will be safely protected by the winds. Here you will leave the yacht to explore an island that has lots to offer. Dark sand beaches. Unique sunsets over the caldera from the towns of Fira and Oia. Important archaeological sites. Excellent food and beautiful vineyards.



Our tip

Taste the exquisite wines! Its volcanic soil seems to lend a faint smoky bouquet to local wines that make the unique and are cherished by wine connoisseurs.


One of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world, this stylish island will impress you with its offering of natural beauty, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, exceptional food and nightlife.

Safely harboured in the Mykonos marina, widely known as New Port, you can take time to explore this beautiful island starting from Chora, the Mykonos town, a few kilometres from the port. When in Chora, visit Kato Mili, a hill with a row of 7 preserved windmills, a Mykonos landmark. From there, enjoy the spectacular view of the town and the Aegean Sea. Then, walk to the Little Venice quarter. Here the buildings are literally standing on the sea. Sip a cocktail in one of the many cafes and bars. Take in the romantic atmosphere as the sea waves lap the sides of the picturesque buildings lining the sea front.



Our tip

Swim in some of its legendary beaches. Try Panormos or Elia if you prefer a more relaxing experience or Ornos, Paradise or Super Paradise Beach if you are into hard partying.

Discover the hidden gems!


A typical Cycladic island, Sifnos with its indented coastline offers many pleasures when planning your itinerary for your sailing holidays in Greece. Kamares, the port of the island provides safe docking. Other bays, like Vathi or Platys Gialos, may also allow safe anchorage and wonderful scenery to enjoy. Enjoy the turquoise waters and take some time to explore this beautiful island that will offer you an authentic taste of Cyclades with its impressive architecture and hundreds of white washed churches scattered all over.

Head to Apollonia, the island’s capital, for a stroll in Steno, the main pedestrian street with an abundance of bars, restaurants and shops, and Artemonas, the near by village to wander around the impressive mansions.Finally, if you are into hiking, take advantage of the well marked trails that crisscross the island and have been used for thousands of years.

Our tip

Visit Kastro, a medieval village with remnants of ancient walls, vaulted arches, little chapels and a trail around the settlement with incredible vistas over the Aegean Sea.


You will be amazed by the wild beauty of this small island in the southern part of the Cyclades. The barren landscape combined with the typical Cycladic architecture provides a rare, genuine experience.

Anchor in Karavostasi, the port of the island, and visit the incredible beaches only for a long swim and a lunch stop that you will thoroughly enjoy. With fine pebbles or golden sand, all beaches are very inviting with beautiful waters. You have a good chance to have the beach all to yourself, if you choose one that is only accessible to others on foot or by boat. What a unique treat!

Chora, the capital of the island is built on a sheer cliff. Explore the remains of the medieval town where you enter through a roofed passage. Moreover, some of the well-maintained houses are more than a thousand years old.

Our tip

Take the impressive zigzagged trail up to the church of Panagia (Our Lady) to enjoy a breathtaking view of the island and the Aegean Sea.