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Rent a Boat in Athens

Spring is the perfect time to get out of our homes and start exploring new places, getting closer to our friends and family and creating beautiful memories. Day trips and excursions to nearby destinations become the most usual way of exploration and famous destinations, such as the Greek islands, start welcoming more and more new visitors… Can you think of anything that would make this idea even more attractive? The interesting fact is that most people use cars, motorbikes or ferryboats as their means of transportation for their trips, while spring is the best time for sailing! Whether you own a yacht or you need to charter one, there are many advantages in discovering new places aboard a yacht, especially in Greece. We will name only a few reasons, but they will certainly persuade you to rent a boat in Athens for your next day trip!



Why is spring an excellent season for sailing trips?

Because the weather is great and nature is at its best. The most important difficulty of travelling aboard a yacht is windy weather, which transforms the sea into a rough adventure even for well-trained sailors. In spring, the wind is mild and the temperature is well-balanced (neither hot nor cold), therefore sailing becomes an easy and truly adorable experience. Furthermore, the scenery is definitely astonishing; the flowers are blooming, the trees are flourishing, birds are building their nests. Nature is regenerating and the land resembles paintings by great artists. And the truth is that you may be able to visit many places by car, but the real beauty hides in places accessible only from the sea. It’s a pity to lose the chance to relish that beauty.

Why should I prefer sailing?

Picture that; you stand on the deck and you look at the infinite sea and the bright sun, while the mild wind hits your face. Sailing is freedom; nothing can take away your optimism when sailing and we have to admit that we all have missed being free and carefree. Would you rather travel packed in a car than sail the sea in open air? Moreover, day trips are meant to offer us experiences out of the ordinary and sailing is ideal for that. You use your car or motorbike every day, but how often do you chart a way in the Aegean?



Why rent a boat in Athens?

Most people can rent a boat in Athens, skippered or bareboat, and enjoy the sailing experience without having to worry about maintenance, additional expenses and bureaucracy. There is no need to know how to navigate or anything else about sailing to travel aboard a yacht; anyone can charter a skippered yacht and have a wonderful time. Plus, rental offers you the ability to charter a different type of yacht every time either based on your preferences and mood or based on your destination.

Nothing resembles travelling aboard a yacht; sailing is a whole new travelling experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. So, why not try it when the weather, nature, people’s mood and generally all the factors are in your favour?