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Sailing Holidays in the Mediterranean

sailing holidays in the mediterranean

The numerous countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea are known for their beauty and mild climate. They are favourite destinations for many sailing fans, thanks to their small islands, their lacy coastline and the scenery that provides a wide variety of landscapes. Countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Turkey offer some of the most interesting itineraries you could follow, making sailing holidays in the Mediterranean one of the must-do experiences not only for sailing enthusiasts, but also for every traveller. You could chart your way to one country each time or explore more countries in the same itinerary, depending on the time you want to spend, your expertise, the places you want to visit and many other factors. Either way, you should certainly visit Greece, Croatia and Turkey.




Sailing the Mediterranean without visiting Greece simply makes no sense.. Definitely, it’s one of the most beautiful countries and maybe the best one for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean, thanks to its countless islands and its marvellous coastline (the longest in the Mediterranean). There are literally hundreds of places that are worth seeing, thus we strongly recommend you to devote many days to explore Greece and, trust us, you won’t regret it. The Ionian and the Aegean Seas will offer you the opportunity to explore many small and big islands, while Pelopponese, Chalkidiki and Evoia are great destinations with unspoiled beaches. The weather is wonderful from May to October, people are very hospitable and there is good infrastructure for sailing.


Sailing in Croatia is quickly becoming one of the best attractions for this beautiful country, as it looks like one of the best ways to enjoy the exquisite coastline of that country. It’s well-known for its beautiful cities that make us feel as if time has stopped in the Medieval times and are the setting of many famous films and TV series. However, Croatia’s coastline is aprecious gem; full of small islands, cliffs and reefs that float in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean and navigating around them will certainly remain unforgettable. The history of that country is reflected in its cities, most of which are built right next to the sea, creating a unique scenery of unspoken beauty. The climate is also suitable for yachting holidays and the people are so welcoming that you will feel like home. Zadar, Split and the historical city of Dubrovnik are waiting to be discovered.




Turkey is a country that combines East and West, tradition and modernity, humble villages and ultramodern cities. Its coastline, known as Turquoise Coast, is really seductive, thanks to the forests that almost touch the sea and the coastal cities that carry the history of all the civilizations that have passed from the country. Add to this, the scenery that won’t let you get bored; sandy beaches give place to sheer cliffs, modern marinas and picturesque villages. That’s why sailing is the best way to discover Turkey’s coastline. You should certainly include in your itinerary a visit to Smyrna, Phocaea, Ayvalik and Kusadasi and let yourself dive into thousands of years of history. May to October is the best time to plan your trip, when the weather is good and the wind is mild.

Of course, these countries aren’t the only destinations that are worth visiting during sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. Italy, Malta, Spain and Cyprus are also excellent choices, but it makes sense to start from the top sailing destinations, doesn’t it?