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Sailing Italy

sailing italy

Sailing the Mediterranean is a dream for many people. Beautiful and varying landscapes, the mild climate, great history and lots of sightseeing attract sailing fans from all over the world. Greece, Croatia and Turkey may be the most popular and celebrated destinations but a neighbouring one is rising in popularity and for a good reason. Sailing Italy with its endless coast and scattered islands with picturesque fishing villages, is offering someone an alternative way to experience this wonderful country. Especially if one visits during the high season. Keeping on the coast helps avoid the endless crowds of tourists in the cities and provides a different taste of the quintessential glamour of the Italian lifestyle.


What is great is that one can combine Italy with an itinerary that includes Croatia or the Ionian islands in western Greece. These are some of our favourite places to sail in Italy.



Sailing Italy: The Naples area

Just the sound of the names Capri and Amalfi bring to mind images of elegance and grandeur. Capri, Ischia and Procida are the three islands off the Gulf of Naples. Capri has been a retreat for many famous figures for centuries. The sea grottoes, the characteristic architecture and the jet setter’s lifestyle are irresistible attractions. Ischia is a quieter destination with a lush landscape and mineral springs and thermal baths. Procida is lesser known and quite unspoilt, a worthwhile visit if one seeks some isolation and calmness. Between Naples and Salerno lies the famous Amalfi coast. As you sail down the coast you will be charmed by the colourful houses sprawling on high cliffs. Small towns like Positano will steal your heart with their ambience and good food.

Sailing Italy: Aeolian islands

They are named after the ancient Greek god of winds. So, it comes as no surprise that sailing can be lots of fun in this area. Eight islands in total, off the coast of Sicily, offer lots of attractions including Stromboli island, the tip of an underwater active volcano. Actually, because of their volcanic landscapes, they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The population of the island of Panarea is multiplied during summer as it has become a favourite destination for many including celebrities. If one goes for the shoulder months of May and October, the lifestyle will be less fancy but probably more enjoyable.



Sailing Italy has lots more to offer and explore. Therefore, when you plan your next sailing expedition in the Mediterranean, think about including Italy in your itinerary!