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Sailing Tour Greece

Greece is well-known for its superb islands that offer visitors unforgettable memories. However, islands are only a part of what you can do and see in Greece. The Greek mainland is also a wonderful place to visit; especially its coastline competes in beauty with the islands. It can be a great discovery for sailing enthusiasts and a perfect alternative for a sailing tour in Greece. There are different destinations you can choose from. Therefore, we gathered some of the most interesting places for you to explore aboard a yacht. Get ready to be surprised!


South Evia


Evia is the second biggest island of Greece, yet it is commonly treated as mainland because of its size and its proximity to the land. It has numerous country towns and uncountable small villages and it is a favourite destination among Greeks throughout the year. Sailing is a great way to explore Evia, since you will have the chance to sail in both the Euboean Gulf and the Aegean Sea. As Evia is quite big, it will take you some days to travel around it. Therefore, we recommend charting your way for South Evia and we promise that it won’t let you down.

Chalkida, the capital of Evia, lies at the center of the island and is known for its “crazy waters”, a phenomenon where the sea water changes direction every 6 hours. Marmari and Karystos are two vivid cities that attract many tourists, while Eretria is a city full of archaeological and historical sites. Do not miss the chance to visit the tiny “Island of Dreams” and the small island complex of Petalioi. Both are verdant, with trees that almost touch the sea, and crystal clear waters. Porto Buffalo, Porto Lafia, Blue Lagoon, Archampoli and Agios Dimitrios are only some of the places where you can anchor and swim.



Located in the north, Chalkidiki is one of the most famous destinations for vacation in Greece. People swear that there is no place as beautiful as Chalkidiki and that if you visit it, you will never want to leave. It is an excellent choice for sailing, because it has many anchorages and fabulous beaches accessible only from the sea. Chalkidiki consists of three jutting peninsulas that the Greeks call “legs”. Two of these “legs”, Kassandra and Sithonia, are accessible to visitors and offer unique vacation experiences.The third “leg” is Mount Athos, home to 20 Greek Orthodox monasteries. A pilgrimage to the monasteries should be planned well in advance since many restrictions apply.

Kassandra is very cosmopolitan, with numerous resorts, beach bars, restaurants and clubs. It is verdant and the scenery is charming, as the resorts alternate with picturesque villages and forests. Built on a sheer hill over the shore, Afitos, one of the best-preserved ancient villages of Kassandra, offers an extraordinary view of the Toroneos Gulf and a magnificent spot for swimming. In Poseidi, Sani and Kriopigi, the trees almost touch the turquoise sea, while in Kalamaki you will have the opportunity to admire the eroded by the sea rocks.

Sithonia, on the other hand, is more calm and exotic with landscapes of unspoken beauty. Porto Koufo and Ormos Panagias should be part of your itinerary. Porto Koufo is a small bay with green and very deep water, thanks to the woody hillsides that surround it. Ormos Panagias, also surrounded by pine trees, has a gorgeous beach. You definitely must spend some time exploring the islets of Kelifos, Diasporos and Spalathronisia and swimming in the crystal clear sea. Lagomandro, Elia, Tripotamos and Agia Kiriaki are great beaches where you can stop for a swim.


Saronic Gulf


If you are an amateur sailor and you are looking for a sailing tour in Greece, Saronic Gulf is what you need. It is just a breath away from Athens, it has numerous anchorages, the wind is almost always calm and the scenery is splendid. Methana and Epidavros combine great history and many important archaeological sites with a marvellous landscape. Loutra Agias Elenis is calm and famous for its clean and beautiful beaches. Moreover, you can visit the verdant Saronic Islands. Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra and Spetses are of unique beauty and each one of them has its own character. You certainly must visit the islets of Moni (near Aegina) and Dokos (near Spetses) and, magically, you will be transported to the Caribbean. On Dorousa (near Angistri) you can try snorkelling and discover the shipwreck of Avantis III.

The Greek coastline of the mainland is an excellent choice if you are planning a sailing tour in Greece. There are many more destinations you can choose from. So, plan an itinerary that will suit you and enjoy your trip!