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Yacht charter in the Greek islands

yacht charter in the greek islands

A yacht charter in the Greek islands is a fantasy for many people around the world. Images of whitewashed villages, blue domed churches and turquoise waters fuel people’s dreams and build the reputation of the Greek islands as a dream come true destination. And the best of all? They are a dream come true destination! There are countless ways to experience them. But nothing compares to cruising aboard a yacht charter in the Greek islands! The luxury of a five star hotel; the flexibility to arrange schedules to your liking; the privacy to enjoy vacation your own way; the ability to reach otherwise inaccessible magical places.

When you are aboard a luxury yacht charter in Greece, your possibilities for fun and indulgence are really infinite. Sailing in the Greek islands, the perfect weather, the inviting sea, the incredibly beautiful landscape create a perfect backdrop for unforgettable experiences. Take a look at our expert tips and ways to make the most of this experience!



Try new ways to relax

The predominant fantasy may have you sunbathing with a cocktail in hand. But why not try something new? Try fishing and get ready for total relaxation. Extra bonus? Your chef will cook your catch and you can boast that this is as fresh as it can get! The Greek waters may hide a few surprises.

Start your day with a pilates session

Nothing can better energise you than a pilates session. If you are into this kind of training, do not hesitate to ask for a personal pilates trainer on board. Imagine yourself greeting the sun every morning and then taking a dip in the cool sea. Dreamy?



Indulge in some pampering

A massage in the shade of the deck while the swell lullabies you into a happy oblivion. A masseuse or a beautician can take your experience to another level. Go back home a different person!

Take cooking lessons

A chef in a luxury yacht charter in Greece has probably received quite a few accolades. Not only will he prepare the best dishes for you, he can also teach you how to prepare your favourite Greek dish!



Be a star in your own movie

Can you think of a better way to preserve these unique memories? Many luxury yachts have their own drone. Ask your crew to film the greatest moments of your vacation. All you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy your days under the sun!
Get ready to discover Greece and have the best yachting holidays ever! A not to miss opportunity…