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Now that you know how to orientate yourself on a yacht and you are an expert in talking about cabins and bridges, are you ready for some more terms? We are proud to present the second part of our “yachting dictionary” and we invite you to seriously consider a boat charter. Where else will you be able to show off your expertise?



Length Over All (LOA): The length of a yacht from stern to stern. Keep in mind that yachts are usually charged by the foot for docking in a marina.

Beam: The measurement of a boat at its widest point.

Draft: The depth of yacht under the water measured vertically. An important measure, especially when one navigates shallow waters.

Hull: The part of the boat that stays below the waterline and is built to flow.



Waterline: The intersection of the hull and the surface of the water.

Monohull: A yacht with one hull. Although most motor yachts also have one hull, the term typically refers to sailing boats.

Multihull: A yacht with more than one hull, usually with two hulls like a catamaran.


Bearing: The direction towards an object or a location from your current position.

Port: The left side of the boat looking towards the bow. This side is marked by a red navigation light from dusk to dawn.

Starboard: The right side of the boat facing towards the bow. It is marked by a green navigation light.

Windward: The side of the boat that is closer to the wind. On heeling, this will be the high side.

Leeward: The opposite of windward; the side of the boat farthest from the wind. On heeling this will be the low side.

Nautical mile: A distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1,852 meters.

Knot: Speed measured in nautical miles per hour.

VHF: It means very high frequency and is the bandwidth commonly used by marine radios.

Weigh: To raise the anchor.

Heel: When the boat leans to one side. Typical for monohulls.




Dinghy or tender: A small boat that a yacht carries or tows to use for transfers to/from shore and watersports. Oftentimes this boat is a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), an inflatable boat with a rigid bottom.

Buoy: An anchored floating object, typically in vibrant colour, used to help navigation, to warn of possible danger or to mark anchorage.

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