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Hire a yacht? Learn the lingo!

hire a yacht in greece

The moment you decide to hire a yacht in Greece, you also discover a new world of terms and expressions explicitly used by yachting fans. Some of them are crucial in order to better orientate yourself on a yacht. Some others are essential if you are really into sailing and cruising. And some others are just for show-off to your friends!
Take a look at part one of our short “yachting dictionary” and the next time you hire a yacht in Greece you will be an expert!

Boat layout


Bow: The front portion of a yacht

Aft or Stern: The back portion of a yacht

Helm station: The area of the boat with the steering instruments.

Bridge deck: The deck that hosts the main helm station of the yacht.

Cockpit: The outdoor area in the stern of the yacht where guests can sit, dive or fish from. On a sailing yacht, the captain will stand there to steer and control the boat.

Flying bridge/Flybridge: On a motor yacht or a catamaran, the second-level help station that often provides a sitting area for passengers to enjoy the view or sunbathe. In many types of yachts, this area hosts the second helm station of a yacht.

Sun deck: The part of the deck of a yacht that is open to sky. Passengers usually spend time there relaxing and catching the sun.

Passarelle: The passageway that connects the yacht to the dock.

Aft deck: On motor yachts it is the guest area closest to the stern of the yacht and often hosts the main outdoor dining area.

Sky lounge: On a luxury motor yacht , an indoor guest area usually on the bridge deck that is less formal than the main living room.

Master cabin: The largest cabin on the yacht.

VIP cabin: Typically the second largest on the yacht.

Double cabin: A cabin on a yacht that includes a double bed.



Twin cabin: A cabin on a yacht that includes two twin beds.

Pullman berth: A twin bed that is atop another bed. It often pulls out of the wall to provide additional sleeping accommodation in a yacht.

V-berth: A bed that is located in the bow of a yacht that has a V shape.



Galley: The kitchen/cooking area on a yacht.

Head: The toilet room on a yacht.

Wet head: A bathroom that includes a sink, a toilet and a shower. The term means that the toilet and the sink will get wet when shower is used.

Now you are almost ready to reach the passarelle and ask the captain: “Permission to come aboard?”