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Charter boats are fun

When you charter a boat, one of the most fun things you will do is water sports. Because most charter boats come equipped with elaborate leisure equipment. Undoubtedly, water sports are the perfect way to entertain people aboard; family or friends. Spend endless hours water-skiing, snorkellinng, canoeing, jet-skiing or simply having fun! Moreover, you get to do it in the crystal clear, azure waters of the Mediterranean.


What are the water sports you are in for?


Water Ski. Many charter boats offer the possibility to practice this old-favourite. This activity is quite challenging and requires excellent balance and good physical condition. So if you are up to it, just imagine yourself skimming the calm waters of a bay in a secluded Greek island as the sun is setting. Pure magic!

Jet Ski. There is no better (and faster) way to explore the surroundings than riding a jet ski. Jet skis can carry 1-2 persons, which means that you can share this fun experience. Additionally, steering a jet ski is as easy as steering a motorbike: you only need to turn the handlebars towards the direction you want and off you go!


Paddle boarding. If you are looking for something less demanding and more relaxing, try paddle boarding. Either standing up (SUP) or on your knees, paddle boarding allows you to gracefully glide through the water. Hence, you can explore the coast at your own pace and take in the breathtaking Mediterranean scenery. Extra bonus? You keep yourself quite fit!

Canoe-kayaking. For a more active work-out, you may want to try canoe-kayaking. You will be able to go further; thus challenge yourself and your endurance. Nevertheless, you will still be able to enjoy the landscape and go out on the beach that strikes as ideal for a quick dip.



Snorkelling. One of the most relaxing and fun activities you can do is snorkelling. The warm waters of the Mediterranean during summer are perfect. With little effort, you can explore the underwater life and let yourself become one with the infinite blue.

Fishing. Can you think of anything more calming that sitting with your fishing rod or line, quietly pondering on the joys of life? After swimming and playing, get some quality time with yourself. Who knows? Maybe your catch will be served for dinner. So, who is the star of the day now?

Water and beach games. Finally, inflatable, towable toys are at your disposal for endless times of fun at sea. Entertain the kids and/or become a kid yourself again by taking advantage of the amazing toys aboard most charter boats.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking among our charter boats and don’t forget to check out their leisure equipment. Get ready for the most fun, amazing vacation ever!