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How to book a crewed yacht charter

Congratulations, you made the best decision for your summer holidays! You are ready for your first crewed yacht charter experience. So, you are very excited about your decision and the prospect, but you are also a bit nervous about the procedure involved. No worries, we are here to guide you and help you plan the best summer vacation ever!



Yacht charter – First things first

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right yacht for you and your company. In essence, you have four alternatives: motor yacht, sailing yacht, catamaran, motor sailer. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider the following: number of people in your party, time you have at your disposal, personal preferences and desired destination. Once you have a clear idea about these, you are ready to start searching.

Browse our website to get an idea of available options and prices. Trust us, this process can be very fun. If you need any help at this stage, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to answer questions and help you with the final decision making. Let us know what your choice is by filling the request availability form for the specific yacht you have selected.

Yacht charter – The paperwork phase

We will confirm the availability of the yacht you selected and we will send you the charter contract. The contract includes everything you need to know. What is included and not included in the price. What the payment terms are, including deposit, settlement of the balance before your arrival and security deposit upon arrival.

While reviewing the contract, think of any special requirements you may have and let us know. For example, if you have a pet you want to bring along, what the policy of the specific yacht is. You don’t want any unexpected surprises to ruin your vacation!



Yacht charter – Enjoy your holidays

Once the contract is signed, let yourself go! Dream of the perfect vacation and be sure to share your dreams with the Captain and the crew of the yacht you selected. That will help them put together a draft itinerary for you to review and be ready to fulfill all your wishes. Not to worry if you change your mind. Chartering a private yacht means nothing is set in stone.

But it is always better if you discuss your wishes and plans with the Captain and the crew in advance. Not only are they responsible for your safe journey, they also act as concierge for your land and sea activities. Therefore, the more in sync you are the better…



We have a very long experience in matching the perfect yacht charter to your tastes and needs. We will offer you unbiased information and we will help you plan the perfect vacation. So, don’t hesitate to try a crewed yacht charter! You have an expert by your side to take care of every detail for you.

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