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Charter a yacht with your family

Many people think that a sailing or cruising holiday with children is not ideal. They are afraid that a yacht is too confined a space for kids or that they will not fare well at sea. Well, they really underestimate children! A yachting holiday is an exciting adventure that will bring everyone closer. A chance to bond under the best possible circumstances: beautiful scenery, luxury environment, high quality services, carefree mood.

A yachting holiday may be the best thing that has ever happened to you and your family. Provided you choose a destination that may pique their interest and you charter a yacht that is friendly to children.



Charter a yacht for family

Many charter yachts have a policy that is very friendly to children. They offer special features like safety nets in gates for stairs or in deck railings. Their crew is equally friendly to children ready to offer entertainment while mom and dad relax sipping a cool drink. Many members have a long experience in keeping young guests amused and occupied. If your kids are already teenagers, then make sure that you charter a yacht with many water toys. They will spend hours enjoying the sea and it’s a fun activity that you can share. Can you ask for anything more?

Choose the right destination

When it comes to the Mediterranean, Greece is perfect for a family holiday aboard a luxury charter yacht. The weather is always pleasant from May to October. The number of islands in close proximity offers an opportunity to plan an itinerary with great variety. A guarantee that your kids will not be bored. There is little chance that you will not encounter an archaeological site worth exploring on one of the islands you will visit. An interesting deviation from your daily routine. And then it’s the people. Greeks love children and welcome families that visit their country.



So, are you ready to spend the best ever summer holiday with your family? Check out our crewed yacht charters and ask us about the best options for families.