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Sailing around the Greek Islands

sailing in the greek islands

If you ask the Greeks, they will tell you that summer means sea, sun and holidays in the Greek islands. Sea, sun and islands. It sounds like a wonderful combination for sail enthusiasts. Greek islands have their own beauty, their own character and there are many islands you can visit. Crowded or isolated, big or small, top-of-the-range or low-priced, cosmopolitan or unpretentious, just make your choice and chart your way.


What is the best way to explore Greek islands?

Sailing, without a doubt. Sailing around Greek islands is a once in a lifetime experience. Spending your holidays on a yacht gives you the opportunity to discover all the hidden places; the sea and the islands in their whole magnificence. Islets, shipwrecks, caves and beaches accessible only from the sea are some of the things that you can experience while you are sailing.


Within a few days, you can explore many islands at your convenience. Plus, you can make your own plan; you are the only one who decides where to go, when to go and how long you will stay. You just need to charter a yacht and you will let yourself enjoy a unique holiday experience.


And if you think that this type of holidays is too expensive for your wallet, you are wrong. Yacht holidays may not be cheap; but they can be affordable. You don’t have to be a millionaire to rent a yacht. You can adjust your holidays to your budget and go have the holidays you desire!


Must-visit Greek island sequences

Visiting island complexes is the best way to organize your sailing experience. Each complex is of unique beauty and provides you with a different scenery. We recommend to you two different itineraries with islands that complement one another and offer you different experiences.



Andros – Tinos – Mykonos – Santorini

Υour starting point, Andros, is a verdant island in which there is no chance you won’t find the perfect beach for you. You can visit the “Museum of Contemporary Art Andros” or some of the picturesque churches. Tinos is known for the church “Panagia of Tinos”, but it is more than a religious island. Wonderful beaches, delicious food, festivals, museums and activities, such as surfing, will excite you! Next stop is Mykonos. Mykonos doesn’t need a special introduction since everyone knows that it’s the perfect island for fun and partying, as it is famous for its luxury and its vibrant nightlife. Your final stop, Santorini, is also a destination on its own, where you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.


Patmos – Leros – Kos – Rhodes

Patmos, the “Holy Island”, is known for its religious heritage, while its “chora” is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You will enjoy great food and beautiful scenery. In Leros, you will taste traditional food, go scuba diving or walk around its historical villages. Kos is known as the island of Hippocrates. Archaeological sites and monuments are combined with a lively nightlife. Your last destination, Rhodes, is a cosmopolitan island with natural treasures and formidable medieval history. Its “old city” also is part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

You can choose one of these itineraries or you can make your one, but one thing is certain; sailing around Greek islands will be one of the best holiday experiences you will ever have!