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Yacht Charters in Greece

One of the best ways to explore the wonders of Greece, a country rich in history and with unrivaled beauty, is by chartering a yacht. If you really think about it, it only makes sense to travel around by boat when it comes to a country with the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. We, the Vernicos team, are proud to be provide yacht charter in Greece for the past 40 years and we can easily enumerate the benefits of yacht chartering.


Why try a yacht charter in Greece


A yacht charter in Greece offers you the chance to create a tailor made itinerary. You may plan where to go based on what you would like to see and the time you have available. Short distances allow great flexibility to plan from a short getaway nearby Athens to a longer trip around the Aegean or the Ionian Sea. In the first case, you will get a quick taste of what Greece has to offer. In the second, you may need to decide whether you wish to explore few islands in great detail or your prefer island hopping!

You will quickly understand that one of Greece’s advantages, as a summer destination, is the variety of islands you can visit. There are islands that have a very different character. Therefore, it is easy to plan an itinerary that includes not only a variety of islands but also beautiful places on the mainland’s coast. When you are aboard a yacht, you can do this in great style and comfort without spending lots of your valuable vacation time in changing accommodations and traveling.

When you travel by boat you create opportunities for memorable moments. You will enjoy a sunset in a remote cove or swim in the crystal clear waters of a secluded islet. In a picturesque country like Greece, a memorable scene is popping up every single moment and there is no better way to cherish it than aboard a yacht.

Furthermore, if you start your vacation after a very busy and extremely stressed period, you will find no better remedy than the swooshing and splashing of water and the rhythmic movements of the boat to soothe your anxiety and relax. Spending time outside in the sea breeze, enjoying the sunlight and swimming in sea water can work wonders for your well-being. On a yacht in Greece with the sunny weather and the exceptionally clean sea, you will maximize these benefits and will renew yourself after a few days.



So, what do you think? Can you imagine yourself aboard a charter yacht cruising the Greek seas? And it would not be any charter yacht. Because the Vernicos team will make sure that you will get the best option available for you. You will get best in terms of space, size, facilities and of course quality of services. The crew will ensure that you will enjoy a safe and carefree holiday that will turn you into a yacht chartering aficionado!