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Yacht maintenance

Choosing to buy a yacht from a well known company like Beneteau it’s the first step. When you buy a yacht from a yard that is using the latest technologies, complying with the most important certifications and has an experience of more than a century in the field, you can be assured that you made the right choice. You got a yacht which you’ll enjoy for years to come. Well, that is partially true because to keep enjoying your yacht you need to take good and consistent care of it. Yacht maintenance is the key factor which affects a yacht’s overall lifespan and can limit the chance of an unfortunate incident. Check our key yacht maintenance tips below and see for yourself if you’ve missed something crucial before you leave for your next sailing holidays in Greece.




Probably the most important maintenance task, careening is the process of checking the yachts hull. In few words, inspecting the hull for early signs of osmosis and applying practices to prevent it, checking if there are signs of corrosion on the metal parts and making sure that no sea organisms have settled on the hull’s surface. A hull that has been looked after will provide better performance for the yacht since it will increase its overall speed and reduce fuel consumption. Note that you’ll need to do the process of careening in harbour areas that take care of the residue. For toxic waste and paint residues make sure that after you collect them you drop them only at appropriate disposal points.


Engine maintenance

The more often an engine goes through maintenance and service, the better it performs by consuming less fuel and hence causing less pollution. It is advised to run complete maintenance once a year or every hundred hours of use. It’s also advised to prefer biodegradable synthetic oils since they are less damaging for the environment.


The use of biodegradable cleaning products on the yachts exterior and interior is imperative since you must minimize the negative impact on the marine ecosystem around you. The collection of rainwater is a good habit for a yacht’s rinsing since you can reduce the over-consumption of water.


Waste water

The use of absorbents and pumps for collecting the waters of the bilges, the engine and from cooling systems is something necessary. After the collection you must dispose of all this water at a suitable waste disposal area at the next port you’ll access.



These are basic steps in making sure that your yacht is maintained in perfect condition, while you remain environmentally responsible. If you love sailing or cruising, the latter is also a no brainer. You need to protect the environment that offers you so much joy!

The Vernicos Yachts team offers full services of yacht management in Greece. If you need a hand in managing your yacht, just give us a call!